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Muppet Monday: Christmas 2011 Can’t Come Soon Enough

Well, there’s more than just Muppet movie casting news these days.  No, what we’re getting now are actual photos from The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made, and not just promo shots of Jason Segel and the gang, but photos from the set.   Behold, the Henson Company Studios in Hollywood transformed into Muppet Studios, a once thriving studio that has fallen into disrepair.  It’ll be Segel’s character Gary, and his roommate, the new Muppet Walter, who ostensibly rally the Muppets to reunite and revive the studio.

(one of our greatest regrets from our time living in LA is not trying to take a tour Henson Studios, or at the very least stopping at the gate on La Brea Ave and attempting to bribe the guard with pepperoni pizza).

Read and see more at Slashfilm.

Tipped off by two of our besties, Glazer and Mechanic.

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300 and Counting! (Still Slowly)

Big news!  Last week we passed the 300 post mark!  That’s only going to happen once ever, so it’s a pretty big historical event.  So, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those people who search for Miranda Cosgrove, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift and somehow ended up on this blog.  THANK YOU.  You guys are the reason we do this.

With us passing the 300 mark, we thought it’d be a good time to do an internal audit to see how we’re doing with our previously stated our goal of 365 posts in 365 days.  Unfortunately, the results aren’t very encouraging.  With 46 days remaining in 2010 we’re only nearing the 200 post mark for the calendar year, which means to reach our objective we’d need maintain an average output of 3.5 posts per day.  However, if you eliminate weekends then that figure climbs to almost 5 posts per day, a number that grows even more daunting when you factor in the upcoming holidays, as well as our week-long vacation in early December.  HOWEVER, we’re not throwing in the towel just yet.  We might not hit our quota, but we’re going to keep reaching for that brass ring and do our darndest to end 2010 on a high note.  A crescendo even.

And just so you don’t think we’re cheating with this post:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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‘Survivor Nicaragua’: Sticks & Stones

Boy, it’s really getting rough out there in Nicaragua, ain’t it?  Gone are the halcyon days of last week when everyone basically agreed to vote out Alina.  No, there are fractures in this group, and as Jeff astutely notes after Tribal Council, they are clearly a “Libertad” divided.

After Marty called out Jane at Tribal Council last week (well, not so much called her out as pointed out how much of a threat she is), it was clear that the battle lines were drawn, with Jane now obsessed with not just beating Marty, but humiliating him (for example, she calls him “Farty” now.  GOTCHA, MARTY!).  Jane, relax.

Read on! The Final Faces of Marty, our picks for the final three, and Jane gets personal…


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