200 Posts And Counting (Slowly)

Well, we did it, finally managed to hit 200 posts (actually, this happened about two weeks ago, but I didn’t have the time to acknowledge the feat). Back when I started selling copies of this blog out of the trunk of my ’73 Chevy Nova I never thought it would amount to anything.  Now look at it.  Over a year old.  Amassing literally tens of hits of a semi-regular basis.  And now passing the double century mark for posts (even if 75% of them were Late Night with Jimmy Fallon videos or Muppet news (and one of them actually was both).

Unfortunately, for the last six weeks our attention has been occupied elsewhere, and, as you may have noticed (or maybe not, if you’re not one of the three regular readers of this blog), our posts have basically come to a screeching halt.  And while output will remain slim for the next few weeks, we here at Jumped The Snark are committed to Jumped the Snark, and fully intend to ramp up our commentary on NBC Thursday night comedies, just in time for the end of their seasons.  But as there’s no such thing as a summer vacation for TV anymore, there will be no summer staycation for Jumped The Snark.

In addition, months ago we privately challenged ourselves to deliver 365 posts within the 2010 calendar year.  We hit the ground running, but then were hampered by a cross-country move, and then got back in the rhythm only to be slowed once again by a new roadblock.  As of press time, we’re only at 79 posts so our work is cut out for us, but we want you to know that we fully intend to fulfill this promise to you that you only just found out about 20 seconds ago.

And yes, this post counts.

And just to make sure, here’s an awesome video that’s full of worth:

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