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Let’s Go For a Ride: ‘Community’ Continuity

Late at night last week we were absent-mindedly watching a rerun of The Office (“The Delivery, Part 2“), which is something we don’t often do. However, our decision paid  dividends when something caught our eye during a commercial break, an apparent allusion to another NBC Thursday Night comedy. Thirteen seconds into a Honda Accord  spot featuring two preternaturally mature, Wes Anderson-esque children, we just barely noticed the distinct markings of a potato chip brand recently featured on Community, that being the preferred chip of Troy, Let’s.

A couple enhanced screenshots:

Let's Chips Zoom1

Let's Chips Zoom2

Let’s Chips has actually popped up several times in the show, including in Season 4 when it was reviewed during the end credits tag by Greendale’s foremost  nonagenarian and Korean War Vet (North Korean side), Leonard. The verdict was a firm “Buy,” advice that was clearly heeded by Dean Pelton and Troy. Britta, however, insists on sticking with her far inferior “Spwingles” brand chips, driving a potentially insurmountable wedge between her and Troy.

So what gives? Is this a wink to Community? A subliminal message intended to subvert viewers into watching the show against their will, thereby giving the series hope for a fifth season? Or has the Community soundstage already been shut down and dismantled, the props sold off to highest car commercial bidder? Should we expect to see Yard-Margs from Skeepers in an Daewoo commercial?

Or, perhaps, this a clue, an easter egg, showing that the world of Greendale is far greater than we ever imagined. 

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Parting Shot: Argoes Corproate

Argo Corp

I liked Argo back before they were mainstream. 

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Opening Shot: The Kids Stay Out of the Picture

We intended to make this breathtaking photo last week’s Parting Shot, but, as we often do, we totally forgot. So, instead, let’s kick off this week with a bang, an Opening Shot.

Obviously, this beautiful, heartwarming Tanner family portrait graciously Tweeted by Andrea Barber (née Kimmy Gibbler) raises two important questions: 1) Who are the old dudes, and 2) where are the Olsen Twins? We assume that the elderly gentlemen are Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett, the namesakes of Miller-Boyett Productions and the foremen of the late 80s-early 90s TGIF hit (and miss) factory. As for Mary-Kate and Ashley, we imagine they either got tangled up in a tandem wool poncho or were still waiting for their venti lattes from Starbucks, not realizing that the two cups languishing on the counter for several hours labeled Murray and Ashlie were indeed theirs. Certainly, their absence is not the result of spite or bitterness, because who would willingly miss an opportunity to hear Bob Saget deliver the Aristocrats in person?

Also missing from the family reunion are Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Whilhoit, who played little Nicky and Alex Katsopolis respectively. While no one has seen or heard from them since 1995, we have a theory that Blake and Dylan are, in fact, Tia and Tamara Mowry. Implausible, yes, but impossible? When it comes to TGIF, nothing is impossible.

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NBC: Requiring Shots of Earth From Outer Space Since 1966

Doing our due diligence we’ve been watching the trailers for the new series picked up by the big four networks for their respective fall seasons.  Some have been promising, some dead on arrival, and others just somewhere in between.  But there was one – NBC’s new JJ Abrams sci-fi thriller Revolution – that particularly caught our eye.  However, it wasn’t the premise or the cast or the special effects that piqued our interest.  No, it was the last few seconds of the trailer, an insert of the title over a grand wide shot of earth from outer space that stuck with us.  We couldn’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen this before on NBC.  In fact, it appears that this is a well that NBC has been returning to for decades.  You hear a lot these days about how there are no new ideas, but this is a little excessive.

We’d suggest that there’s some kind of corporate conspiracy, or at least mandate, owing to NBC’s ties with Universal (the gold standard in spinning globes), but they didn’t merge under the same umbrella until 2004, so perhaps it is just a lack of imagination.

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Tonight is Daylight Savings, so obviously we’re linking to Pete & Pete‘s seminal “Time Tunnel“, as is our autumn tradition.  However, this year our night of Time Travel is special, because not only is tonight (well, 3am tomorrow morning) is the moment when we set our clocks back, but it’s also the date in 1955 to which Marty McFly travels back.  Yes, on this, the night of time travel, we also celebrate the 56th anniversary of the DeLorean’s arrival in 1955 Hill Valley.  Is it just coincidence that Daylight Savings falls on this very significant day?  Or does this mean that at 3am we’re going to go back more than just an hour?  A day?  A year?  A decade?  Who knows?  Just make sure to hold onto your smart phones.  They might be your only  means of checking this blog when you’re stuck in the past.

(thanks to Lourrine for the tip)

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We Solve the Mystery of ‘Survivor’ Phillip’s Hurrah; Is This the Key to His Federal Agent (?) Past???

When we heard Former Federal Agent (?) Phillip release a deep, guttural, primitive grunt (twice) during the Survivor: Redemption Island premiere we couldn’t shake the feeling that we had heard that noise somewhere before.

(Also, we really have no idea what he’s talking about here.  Something about male lions sniffing each other and dancing.  Is he divulging a crush on Boston Rob?)

But then it dawned on us.

NHL 93. A body check.  SFX #2.

Does this mean that when Phillip informed his tribe that he was a former federal agent for three government agencies one of those organizations was EA Sports?  Was Phillip, in fact, part of a deep covert operation to provide the sound effects for the greatest sports video game in the history of video games?  Have we uncovered Phillip’s classified resume?


Sure seems like it.


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‘Top Chef All-Stars:’ Whatever

Well, at least if Jamie was going to go down, she was going to go down fighting, with all the unbridled passion she showed all season.

Oh, no, not really.  More of the same blasé, dead inside, zombie-like enthusiasm.  Although, to be fair, it was the most energy she’s shown in some time, actually presenting a dish two weeks in a row!

But first, Marcel drops some knowledge on Dale:

After the jump: Fishing trip! Summer flings! And Jamie kills the mood.

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What Was ‘Perfect Strangers’ Trying to Tell Us About 9/11?

We were on Wikipedia this morning reading about old TGIF shows, as is our Thursday morning custom, and we were stunned to learn that the exterior Chicago shots in Perfect Strangers’ opening title sequence were shot on September 11, 1987.

Normally we might not think anything of this, but after reading this yesterday we’re not so sure.  If The Simpsons foretold the events 9/11 four years before they happened, could Perfect Strangers have been warning us fourteen years in advance?  What did they know??

Here’s the video in question:

And now think about the lyrics:

Standing tall, on the wings of my dream.
Rise and fall, on the wings of my dream.

Tall?  Fall?  Wings?  C’mon, guys, pretty prophetic stuff.


In addition, the USA Network stopped rerunning the show in syndication as of September 11, 1998, eleven years after the opening sequence footage was shot.


Anyone know if Bronson Pinchot is in the Illuminati?

And that’s not all; Wikipedia also notes that Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell appeared in the pilot episode of the classic 1980s Nickelodeon show You Can’t Do That On Television.  However, the show originated out of Canada, while Mitchell was born in LA and grew up in Dallas.  EXPLAIN THAT ONE!  Another one of Lost‘s mysteries that will remain unresolved?  Or is it part of a greater conspiracy?

Think about it.

You’re welcome.


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Scott Wolf is Benjamin Button

Because the dude looks like he’s aging in reverse. Exhibit A: Wolf’s recent brilliant cameo on Delocated:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Exhibit B: The rest of his brilliant turn on Delocated:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Okay, well, maybe he’s not aging in reverse, but just not aging.   Exhibit C: his brilliant performance in the behind the scenes footage of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus:

(that’s him, right?)

And you should just go ahead and watch his entire episode of Delocated, “RV B&B,” THIS MINUTE on

AND catch the season finale of Delocated tonight at midnight!  Because if you don’t, then you’ll be TOTALLY lost come season three.

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More ‘SNL’ Revisionist History: The Disappearing Denzel

We briefly mentioned in our earlier SNL recap the mangled ending to the “Tax Masters” sketch, where it sounded like an open walkie stepped on Fred Armisen’s closing line, so the sketch, and the show went out with a clumsy whimper.  However, we neglected to note that this was the second odd conclusion of the night.  Earlier, at the end of the “Returns and Exchanges” sketch we could see Jay Pharoah lurking mysteriously in the background after his Denzel Washington retired to the stockroom (thanks to Videogum for reminding us, and for their superior review).  The sketch itself had a weird, head scratching ending where Bobby Moynihan’s employee simply says “Who’s next?”  Considering the clunky finish, it’s possible that Pharoah was supposed to reappear for an additional line or two, but there was some confusion and instead the sketch ended with Moynihan’s awkward coda.  Or, perhaps, Pharaoh simply wanted to watch the end of the sketch, and didn’t realize that he’d be visible in the shot.  Unlike the other rookies, Pharoah’s background is in stand-up and impressions, not sketch and improv, so it’s feasible that his inexperience with sketch comedy led to this blunder.  This is why, for the near future, we’ll probably see Pharoah mostly as a guest on “Weekend Update,” or in sketches where his characters speak directly to camera.

But, not surprisingly, the show is retroactively erasing the gaffe.  If you watch the clip on Hulu, Pharoah is not to be found looming in the background, unsure of where to go.  But if you look closely at the right side, you can see that they’ve edited Pharoah out of frame, leaving a small sliver of his black suit jacket and mismatched wainscoting as evidence.  Take a look:



Not surprisingly, they also cleaned up the end of the “Tax Masters” for viral consumption.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Saturday Night Live?  More like Saturday Night We’ll Get It In Post!


And, on top of all that, here’s what you didn’t see broadcast:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You’ve to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on a blogger who watches SNL late on Sunday and then writes about it on Monday afternoon.


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