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‘Survivor: Caramoan’ – It’s All About…


Survivor Caramoan - CochranIn any season of Survivor capitalizing on the moment to strike is of paramount importance, and this has been especially relevant on Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites 2 Legit 2 Quit. Ages from now, when Survivor is long gone and young scholars pore over old texts written about a forgotten television program hosted by former President of Earth Jeff Probst, they will read the story of Caramoan, and it will be the story of Stealth ‘R’ Us, and of those who tried to fight back against the ruling alliance. For that has been the theme of the season, not so much if, but when, a group of insurgents will break apart the dominating force. As a result of poor timing, Corinne failed in her attempt at a coup, and, likewise, Malcolm overplayed his hand and tried to strike too quickly. He was successful in deposing Former Federal Agent Fillip, but, perhaps, FFAF wasn’t the head of the snake after all. He was the outspoken face of Stealth ‘R’ Us, but, in the end, he might have just been a figurehead, the Mandarin, a red herring dangled out as bait. And with Fillip gone, and the corporation starting to fray, it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a move. Could be someone outside the controlling alliance, or could be someone from within. It doesn’t really matter who it is. What matters is when.

But even though there’s a storm coming, and they’re now down to just two amigos, Reynold and Eddie are in good spirits. They won’t let the loss of Malcolm stop them from a good high five fist bump.


More: Tribal Councils on Tribal Councils on Tribal Councils…

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We Solve the Mystery of ‘Survivor’ Phillip’s Hurrah; Is This the Key to His Federal Agent (?) Past???

When we heard Former Federal Agent (?) Phillip release a deep, guttural, primitive grunt (twice) during the Survivor: Redemption Island premiere we couldn’t shake the feeling that we had heard that noise somewhere before.

(Also, we really have no idea what he’s talking about here.  Something about male lions sniffing each other and dancing.  Is he divulging a crush on Boston Rob?)

But then it dawned on us.

NHL 93. A body check.  SFX #2.

Does this mean that when Phillip informed his tribe that he was a former federal agent for three government agencies one of those organizations was EA Sports?  Was Phillip, in fact, part of a deep covert operation to provide the sound effects for the greatest sports video game in the history of video games?  Have we uncovered Phillip’s classified resume?


Sure seems like it.


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You’re on Thin Ice, Amazon

First, you willingly sell a guide to pedophilia, incurring the considerable wrath of Anderson Cooper, and now you’ve gotten on our bad side with your latest “recommendation”:

Really?  You think we’re interested in Zumba Fitness.  No.

We will not be joining the party.  And we do not want to learn more.

That’s two strikes, Amazon.  Not a good place to be right before the holiday season.  We could just as easily order our nephews’ Christmas presents from  Don’t forget that.

Zumba Fitness.  Really?

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More On the ‘SNL’ Cover-Up: Compare & Contrast

Expanding on our earlier exposé on last weekend’s “Returns and Exchanges” sketch with Jay Pharoah curiously lingering in the background, we can now compare the broadcast version to the edited clip available on Hulu (the DVR that’s hooked up to our slingbox ran out of space and didn’t record the show, so please forgive this less than ideal screenshot taken with our Droid).

Now you see him:

Now you don’t:

You got got!

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Hockey’s Back! (Part 2)


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When God Closes a Guy Fieri Door He Opens a Guy Fieri Window

Last decade I wrote semi-extensively about Guy Fieri and his Food & Rock’n’Roll Road Show, an extreme food, drink and music extravaganza.  So imagine my excitement a couple months back when my brother called to tell me that he had tickets to that very show that very Thursday.  Oh the delight!  I’d finally get to see Guy Fieri live and “in concert.”  I mean, the guy had been stalking me, so it only seemed fitting that I should see him as he righteously rolled through Los Angeles.  So, then, imagine my disappointment when I found out my brother was actually calling to ask if I could babysit so he and his wife could attend the fiesta.  A dream deferred.

All wasn’t lost, however, because as a thank you my brother gave me his signed copy of More Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A Drop-top Culinary Cruise Through America’s Finest and Funkiest Joints (and, I guess, he really had no need for two signed copies of More Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A Drop-top Culinary Cruise Through America’s Finest and Funkiest Joints).  It wasn’t the same as seeing Fieri in person, the spotlight glistening off his backwards sunglasses and bleached spikes, but it was a nice token.  A little piece of Fieri to hold onto forever.  Yes, most certainly off da hook.

Guy Fieri!

And that’s not all.  They even captured video of the party, some of which I managed to hijack.  So if you were curious about that 25 gallon margarita machine, or wondering how literal Fieri’s song choice would be, your prayers have been answered:

Video after the jump. And…a second chance???

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Aliens vs. Nazis and the NBA Playoffs

Over at the Awards Picks Red Carpet Blog I contributed a piece comparing Inglourious Basterds and District 9, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tarantino’s revenge fantasy is the superior film, and is more deserving of a possible Oscar nomination.

Also, why did I ever get excited about a video game like this:

Really was the slowest, most boring product in the entirety of the EA Sports catalog.  The complete opposite of its hockey brother.

I want my scalps!  Or at least a bloody Wayne Gretzky.

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And I Thought The Wicked Queen Was Scary

Seriously, I was crying so much during Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that my mom had to take me out of the theater (it was a rough 18th birthday.  JK!).  I had since believed that the wicked Queen/evil step-mother was the most terrifying of all Disney creations (perhaps something in Fantasia is scarier, but the last time I saw it I fell asleep.  Which is impressive considering it was in IMAX), but after seeing the concept art for a new Mickey Mouse video game, I think we have a new winner (and we all know how serious I am about video game art).  I’m not sure why,  but it seems they have decided to completely reinvent the character, and ward off anyone under the age of 10.  But if the game itself is as cool it looks, I won’t complain.  Take a look at Epic Mickey:


Epic Mickey

Courtesy of Disney


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