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Don’t Tease Me, Amazon

Listen, Amazon, when you tell me that Grinders are up to 40% off I’m obviously going to excited.  Sure, we prefer to use the term “sub” or “hero” here, but I’m not going to get picky when it comes overstuffed sandwiches at discount prices.  So imagine my disappointment:

What a shame.  Would have been such a great sale.  Could have done all my holiday shopping right there.

Next time, take a cue from Jon:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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You’re on Thin Ice, Amazon

First, you willingly sell a guide to pedophilia, incurring the considerable wrath of Anderson Cooper, and now you’ve gotten on our bad side with your latest “recommendation”:

Really?  You think we’re interested in Zumba Fitness.  No.

We will not be joining the party.  And we do not want to learn more.

That’s two strikes, Amazon.  Not a good place to be right before the holiday season.  We could just as easily order our nephews’ Christmas presents from Toysrus.com.  Don’t forget that.

Zumba Fitness.  Really?

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You’ve Made a Powerful Enemy, Amazon (It’s Anderson Cooper)

We’ve had our beefs with Amazon for incorrectly, and sometimes insultingly, suggesting products that we may be interested in, or for misleading us about shipping times.  But that’s nothing like the offense Anderson Cooper has (rightfully) taken to Amazon for selling  a guide to pedophilia.  Last week Cooper tore apart a rookie congresswoman, this week he takes on an Internet giant.

When the Anderson Cooper train is coming through GET OFF THE TRACKS!

Advantage: Cooper (duh).

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Now, Amazon, That’s Just Offensive

Of course I would be interested in A Short History of the Jews, right?

C’mon, Amazon, open your mind.  It’s the 2010s.

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But Not Today, Amazon

Sorry, just never got into the show.  My sister is a big fan though.  So that counts for something, right?

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You Got It Right This Time, Amazon


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Amazon, Are You Telling Me This Because You Think I’m Interested? Because I’m Not.

Really?  Who?  What person in cyberspace is looking at the Wallflowers’ sophomore album?  I have a hard time believing this.

I wonder if it’s the same guy who’s looking at razors.  I wonder if it’s Jakob Dylan.

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Amazon, You Sorta Know Me So Well

Definitely yes, no, no, maybe.  2ish out of 4 ain’t bad.

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Rethinking My Faith in Amazon

Every morning I wake up to at least one email from Amazon, whether it be  recommendations of new mystery novels (because those are what I get my dad for his birthday every year) or the “Top Ten Deals in Electronics” (because sometimes I buy electronics).  And almost every morning I think that I should adjust my preferences to discontinue this communication, but I can’t do it, because I’m under the belief that something worthwhile will come along one day.

And I thought today was that day.

Logged into Gmail and saw an email from Amazon with the following subject:

Now available: “The Adventures of Pumpkin Pete” on DVD at Amazon.com

So, naturally, my first thought was “a new Pete & Pete” DVD?  Great!”  But while I did recall an excellent Halloween episode of Pete & Pete, I didn’t think it was called “Pumpkin Pete.”  But what else could it be?  I mean I’ve ordered Pete & Pete DVDs from Amazon three times (had to reorder the second season after I lost my original copy), so they know I like it, and, let’s be honest, if Amazon was a person I’d probably trust him (or her) with my life.

But I was wrong.

This is what they thought I’d be interested in:

Sorry, Amazon, wrong Pete.  I don’t know what to think of you anymore.

But I did go ahead and order Pumpkin Pete anyway.  Needed another item to receive Super Saver Shipping.

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Still waiting to Rock.

So after writing yesterday’s post about waiting for days for Guitar Hero 5 to arrive, I realized that I had made an oversight.  At the bottom of the email confirming shipment, basically the fine print, it noted that the game was due to arrive on September 4.

Sep 4 Delivery

So at least I had some answer.  Not the one I wanted, but it accounted for the delay, and why I spent 3 days waiting with bated breath.

I woke up today excited for D-Day (delivery day, of course).  Eager and perhaps a tad greedy, I checked the tracking #, expecting to see that the package was en route.  And to my extreme dismay I found this:


If you can’t read the text, it says “Electronic Shipping Info Received.”  So it might not have even shipped yet, let alone arriving today.  Amazon, quit playing games with my heart.  My Guitar Hero anticipating heart.

The sad thing is I know that next time I pre-order something it’ll be from Amazon.  And the cycle will start all over again.  Well, the devil you know.

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