Still waiting to Rock.

So after writing yesterday’s post about waiting for days for Guitar Hero 5 to arrive, I realized that I had made an oversight.  At the bottom of the email confirming shipment, basically the fine print, it noted that the game was due to arrive on September 4.

Sep 4 Delivery

So at least I had some answer.  Not the one I wanted, but it accounted for the delay, and why I spent 3 days waiting with bated breath.

I woke up today excited for D-Day (delivery day, of course).  Eager and perhaps a tad greedy, I checked the tracking #, expecting to see that the package was en route.  And to my extreme dismay I found this:


If you can’t read the text, it says “Electronic Shipping Info Received.”  So it might not have even shipped yet, let alone arriving today.  Amazon, quit playing games with my heart.  My Guitar Hero anticipating heart.

The sad thing is I know that next time I pre-order something it’ll be from Amazon.  And the cycle will start all over again.  Well, the devil you know.

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