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Heading outta town in a few hours so posts will be few and far between over the next week.  But we’ll do our best to update via Twitter.  Unless Twitter jumps the shark before then.  Then you’ll just have to wait.

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NBC Admits Mistake, Pretends It Will Focus on Quality Programming

NBCU Television Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin stated yesterday that, when referring to his network’s programming strategy, “The goal is not to manage for margins. It is to put the best possible programs we can on the air.”  AKA he was apologizing for Jay Leno, and the mess it created.  Of course he’s only sorry because the experiment failed.  However, it’s good to know that NBC will welcoming quality shows again.

Of course, what he really meant is that the goal is to “put the best possible programs we can on the air that will also net us the best ratings.”  They learned that it’s not just enough to make a profit, as the Jay Leno Show is sorta doing, but that you have to garner strong audiences as well.  Let’s not confuse this with a willingness to put brilliant programs before ratings.  If that were the case Freaks and Geeks would have run for seven years.  No, this just means that while we will see some new comedies and dramas we’ll also see more Biggest Losers. Cheap shows that also pull in big numbers.  For them, that’s the “best possible program” (and not sure I can say I blame them).

via The TV Column, Washington Post

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Oh, Reege! You and Your Kidney Stone Stories!

Once upon a time when I had a job I’d tune into Live! with Regis and Kelly every morning while I got ready for my big day at the office.  I’d only get to catch the first ten minutes or so, but it was often the highlight of my day.  If there’s one part of Live! to take in it’s the first act banter.  Unfortunately, I had to stop watching because I was leaving the house later and later every day.

Lately my schedule is all over the place and I haven’t seen the show in months.  However, yesterday, just by sheer luck (as I got ready for a morning Wii Fit session) I turned on the TV and there were Regis and Kelly, two old friends, a sight for sore eyes.  And fate was smiling on me because they were just having their daily chat over coffee.  Basically you can turn into any episode around this time and hear Regis say something ridiculous, and this was no exception.  However, I think this particular show was a little special, as Reege regaled us with a decades old story of the time he had kidney stones.  What makes this even more amazing is that while Regis cannot remember who is co-host is, he does recall useless details like the name of his male nurse (Jose.  Okay, maybe he made that up).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He might screw up the name of every guest and point to his chest when referring to his kidneys, but Regis is still the King of Early Morning.

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The Five Least Awesome Episodes of ‘The Office’

In honor of last week’s rare Office misstep, “Mafia,” and in preparation of tonight’s new episode (which will hopefully wash out the bad taste from last week) we’ve decided to compile the Five Least Awesome The Office episodes, because really, it doesn’t sound right to say the “Five Worst,” as even their five poorest efforts are better than almost anything on TV (looking in your direction, Til Death).  We’ve also gone ahead and disregarded the six episode first season, because during this very brief mid-Spring run they were still trying to find their rhythm, and were basically staging The Office UK re-enactments every week.  For our purposes, the show really started with season 2’s premiere, “The Dundies,” (and indeed when I tell people to watch the show I encourage them to begin at this point and then go back to season 1 once they’re hooked).  So, in descending order, let’s get to it!

Continue to the worst of the cream of the crop…

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Other Things That Have Not Jumped the Shark: Will Ferrell

Last week Variety reported that Will Ferrell has signed on to star in a small indie comedy called Everything Must Go.  In response to this news Spout posted a round-up of blogger’s comments on Ferrell’s “retreating career move.”  The feedback seemed to indicate that Will Ferrell is at an important crossroads, that maybe his best days are behind him, and that perhaps this is a redemption project after “all of his recent crap like Land of the Lost.”

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I Told You, Dick Wolf

The Biggest Loser pulls down big numbers Tuesday night.

Hear that, Wolf?  They’re coming.  Slowly, but surely (mostly slowly), they’re coming for your empire.


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NBC Expanding ‘Biggest Loser’ Franchise, Does Not Appreciate the Irony

JillianOh, so that’s what NBC is going to do, it’s going to replace all Gritty Cop Dramas with The Biggest Loser and its spin-offs.  According to Variety, NBC will soon bring us Losing it with Jillian, in which Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels will move in with (overweight/unhealthy) families to “help change their diet and exercise habits.”  Apparently they are looking for families with children ages 9 and up, but although the children are a little young and they’re not overweight  I can think of one family that might benefit from a life coach.

How long until Biggest Loser entities takes over all of NBC Primetime (pre-Leno, of course)?  What other spin-offs could there be?  I’d say a Biggest LoserDancing with the Stars mash-up, but I guess Dance Your Ass Off already beat them to it.  Or they could just go the CSI/NCIS route and introduce The Biggest Loser: Houston.

Watch out Dick Wolf, you and your Law & Order franchise might have a new competitor breathing (heavily) down your neck.

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It’s One Thing To Mess With Roman Polanksi, But Seymour Cassel? No!

Bert & MaxWell, no, Seymour Cassel has not been detained by Swiss officials on 32-year-old charges of raping a 13-year-old girl.  He has, however, been suspended from the Screen Actors Guild after being found guilty of “conduct unbecoming of a member,” stemming from a May incident in which he allegedly sexually harassed staff members during a May meeting.  It should be noted that he was found guilty by an “internal trial board,” so it seems that SAG is its own sovereign nation or is part of the fleet of human survivors fleeing the Cylon pursuit.

It’s just hard to believe that this kind of behavior is capable by the man who stole our (my) heart as Bert Fischer, beloved father of Max and devoted husband to the late Eloise (in Jumped The Snark favorite Rushmore).

Oh no! Apparently him and Polanksi are buds.  Maybe this isn’t so outrageous after all.

Well, hopefully the only thing they have in common is a love for cigars.

Let’s just cross our fingers that Wes Anderson doesn’t shoot his next film in Switzerland (although even if he does Anderson might not show either).

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‘SNL’ Trying to Get Viewers Drunk. Can’t Hurt.

Was that an infomercial for Bud Light Golden Wheat or an episode of Saturday Night Live?  It was a little hard to tell at times, as the newest member of the Bud family served as the sponsor of the show, and also brought us “never before seen” SNL moments, aka past cast members and hosts breaking during dress rehearsal (although Will Ferrell as a fashionista cracking up Sean Hayes and Jimmy Fallon is actually available on the Best of Ferrell DVD, so not entirely new to SNL completists).  What would John Belushi have thought of this corporate shilling?  Probably wouldn’t have minded too much, as long as he got to sample the new beverage.  But the sponsorship gave the show a weird vibe that almost overshadowed what turned out to be a (if you can believe it) a decent outing. Continue reading

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Popular Mechanics Did Not Listen

And went ahead and over-analyzed the new Lost poster (really I just feel silly for not noticing the hieroglyphics.  Not that I would have known what they meant.).  I won’t spoil it for you, but, if you’re curious, find the translation here.

via Vulture

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