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Project Runway’s Logan Rips Off Project Runway’s Logan (Badly)

LoganThis season Project Runway has had the unfortunate luck of airing on Thursday nights, an evening that is already  jammed with enough quality programming to make a DVR sweat.  Add in the fact that in its first season on Lifetime the production quality as arguably slipped (the additional switch or production companies from Magical Elves to Bunim-Murray perhaps having something to do with that), the questionable talent of this season’s designers (no one has demonstrated any real mastery or vision yet), the presence of an overwhelming number of tampon and birth control commercials (thank you, Lifetime), and that DirectTV does not offer Lifetime in HD, I have not been as excited to watch Runway as I had been in seasons past, and thus viewing has often slipped until the weekend or even the following week.  That was the case with latest episode, which I finally got around to watching last night.  Again, the designs and execution were rather disappointing, with a surprising number of hideous messes, and the judges again overlooking an appealing offering from Carol Hannah (girl still has not been in the top 3!).  But, what was more interesting than the offensive fashion was what I realized after show when doing my customary post-viewing research. Continue reading

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Watch Out Trebek, Here Come The Real Housewives!

Coming this fall, to an NBC affiliate near you, The Real Housewives of (city/county/state) in syndication!

Don’t know what time it’ll air, but maybe the ladies of Bravo will take on the Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune juggernaut, or perhaps NBC is going to replace one of their long running soap operas with the “real” thing.  Such a great opportunity to see where it (the decline of our civilization) all started.

(to be fair, actually a big fan of the OC and NJ versions.  Not so much NYC or Atlanta.  Weird, right???)

The more we can get scenes like this on daytime or early evening television the better:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lesson learned: never tell Theresa to pay attention.

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