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‘SNL’ Trying to Get Viewers Drunk. Can’t Hurt.

Was that an infomercial for Bud Light Golden Wheat or an episode of Saturday Night Live?  It was a little hard to tell at times, as the newest member of the Bud family served as the sponsor of the show, and also brought us “never before seen” SNL moments, aka past cast members and hosts breaking during dress rehearsal (although Will Ferrell as a fashionista cracking up Sean Hayes and Jimmy Fallon is actually available on the Best of Ferrell DVD, so not entirely new to SNL completists).  What would John Belushi have thought of this corporate shilling?  Probably wouldn’t have minded too much, as long as he got to sample the new beverage.  But the sponsorship gave the show a weird vibe that almost overshadowed what turned out to be a (if you can believe it) a decent outing. Continue reading

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Popular Mechanics Did Not Listen

And went ahead and over-analyzed the new Lost poster (really I just feel silly for not noticing the hieroglyphics.  Not that I would have known what they meant.).  I won’t spoil it for you, but, if you’re curious, find the translation here.

via Vulture

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Just Think This Is Kinda Weird, No?

Picture 2

Maybe more creepy than weird.


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