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Where’s Uncle Joey When You Need Him?

CoulierSpeaking of impressions (and other past their prime comedians with the initials “DC”), Dave Coulier totally should have been on hand last night to save the day when the final dress rehearsal of Bye Bye Birdie experienced some technical difficulties and both Bob Saget and Don Rickles stepped into to lighten/worsen the mood (see: Disaster at Bye Bye Birdie’s Final Preview Inspires Stamos, Saget, and Rickles Comedy Routine).  Coulier could have wowed audiences with Mr. Woodchuck for hours, or perhaps tried out his new stand-up bit about farting.

(Coincidentally, a very similar thing happened during my high school’s Student-Faculty production of Bye Bye Birdie, in which I had a memorable role as the Train Conductor.  Well, we didn’t have any comedy legends attend the show, but one of the sets did fall down.  See?  Very similar.)

More: Coulier and the Muppets!

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Let’s Over-Analyze The Poster For the Final Season of LOST!

No, let’s not.  The poster is simple, but awesome.  The same style they used for the previous five seasons, just a little more epic.  Not really giving too much away, but certainly raising enough questions.

Lost Final Poster

It’s a little dark, but methinks it features all of our major past and present Lostaways, including the deceased, like Boone, Charlie, and Libby.  Oh, and all the way on the right, looks like Bernard and Rose.  Yes, please.  But who is that between Jack and Locke, right in the middle.  Desmond?  Hmmm.  And is Locke’s back turned?  I wonder…okay, sorry, enough.  Just get excited.

via Collider

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Dana Carvey, I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Dana Carvey on The Jay Leno Show attempting to break the record for most impressions in a minute.  Unfortunately, this brand of humor is a perfect match for Leno’s graveyard.  I wish I could get behind this, but it seems like Carvey is just doing impressions of his impressions, and most of which we’ve been seeing for decades.  Sadder still is that he has nothing to promote so he just plugged a hair salon instead (sadder still is I’m not sure if this was a joke or it’s actually where he gets his hair cut).  I still maintain that Carvey was one of the most talented SNL cast members of all time, but lately he hasn’t been doing much to prove it.  Still waiting for your comeback, Dana.  Still waiting.

See the video. And maybe Zooey Deschanel

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