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So I was checking my blog stats (yes, I am curious) and noticed that the top search that leads to this site is “miranda cosgrove,” the 16 year-old star of iCarly whom I referenced in my post about the VMAs. This is kinda concerning because either a) her legions of teen fans are scouring the web looking for more information on Miss Cosgrove or b) her legions of adult fans are scouring the web looking for more information on Miss Cosgrove. I really hope it’s option A.

Should I even tag her name here, or is that just inviting more trouble?

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John Krasinksi Would Make an Excellent Muppet

Someone once told me that they heard John Krasinksi was not that nice in real life.  I had assumed he was as affable and endearing as his The Office alter-ego, and found this rumor very disappointing.  It meant that he was a very good actor, but perhaps not a very good person.  However, after seeing his charming appearance on The Tonight Show (the one that airs at 11:30pm), my doubts have been removed and I feel confident that if we ever met we’d get along famously.  Just watch him demonstrate his human marionette impression for Conan and then try to tell me this guy isn’t the salt of the Earth.  I don’t think you could do it.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

You should probably also check out part one of the interview.

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A T9 Omission That Really Hurts

I discovered that T9 does not know the word “ouch.”  Could have sworn I used it before, but my phone seemed to have no knowledge of its existence.  Ouch indeed, T9.

P.S. Sorry for the pun.

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Bravo Plays Me For a Fool Yet Again

Well, I guess you can ignore that last post, as when we loaded up the DVR to watch Top Chef we found that there was, in fact, no new episode last night. Bravo has a tendency to do this, both with Top Chef and Project Runway (when it aired on the net), showing you scenes from the next episode, but failing to inform you that said episode will not air the following week. Building me up and breaking me down (perhaps the blame is really on me for letting Top Chef become the highlight of my week, but I refuse to become Bravo’s scapegoat).

On the bright side this means that Ron gets to stay in the spotlight for one more week, and it’s an excuse for another Ron Duprat/Carl Winslow comparison.

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