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That’s the Sound of the Man Working Off the Chain

Sometimes we actually forget how fucking good Quentin Tarantino is.  Then we remember.

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TONIGHT: Russell vs. Boston Rob Round 2 (Oh, and the Premiere of ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’)

February 16th is finally here and tonight is closing in fast.  Which means that, after literally weeks of anticipation, Survivor: Redemption Island premieres this evening.  But, more importantly, that means the epic, long-awaited, dream come true, clash of the titans showdown between Russell Hantz and Boston Rob is nearly upon us.

When their return was announced a few weeks back we quickly voiced our initial skepticism.  And in the intervening time our feelings haven’t really changed.  We’re still extremely hesitant about this twist, bringing Rob back for his fourth go ’round and Russell for his third attempt in four seasons, because their personal battle genuinely threatens to be bigger than the game, and we’re nervous about what it means for future seasons.  The initial returns could be astronomical, but we could be trading long-term satisfaction for immediate gratification.

But it’s hard to watch this and not get excited.  We’re excited.

More: Early predictions that may surprise you. And Jeff Probst teases the future!

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Russell vs. Rob: Less Than a Week

Get ready.  They are.

Now go over to Entertainment Weekly to witness Russell and Boston Rob’s very first meeting in Nicaragua.

Rob looks scared, doesn’t he?  He should be.

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‘Saved by the Bell’ Season IV Update

We’re off and running on Season 4, which such classics as “Palm Springs Weekend,” “No Hope with Dope” and, of course, “Rockumentary.”  Should be, like, totally awesome!

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: A Heroes Welcome

We’re going to cheat a little tonight.  Our search term for this post is “tom westman heroes,” but, as much as we absolutely adore Lt. Tom Westman, we’ve already welcome him twice to this daily feature.  And, more importantly, there’s bigger Survivor matters at hand right now.  So we’re going to use that search term as an excuse to bring you this, the first official Boston Rob/Russell promo for Redemption Island:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“I’m going to need a bigger torch” = AMAZING.  Bring it, Probst!

Can.  Not.  Wait.

(Also, quick thought: Are Russell and Boston Rob really Jacob and the Man in Black?  Think about it)

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‘SNL’ With Host Cee-Lo, Musical Guest Gwyneth Paltrow and a Very Special Episode of ‘Pee Wee’s-Playhouse’

A little late this week so let’s get right to it:

We get it Gwyneth, you can sing!  You already proved it with Country Strong, your appearance on Glee and your CMA performance (and with Huey Lewis in Duets ten years ago).  But you had to show us again in your monologue, as Taylor Swift in this My Super Sweet Bar Mitzvah sketch, and by joining meandering songsmiths Kat and Garth on “Weekend Update.’  Listen, Gwyneth, WE GET IT.  It’s a wonder they didn’t hold off the “Worst of Soul Train sketch another week so Paltrow could play some kind of disco queen.  But they probably thought that would be overkill.

Also, Cee-Lo, we get it.  You’re a big deal right now.  Gwyneth Paltrow covered your hit song, and hugs you and treats you like her best friend.  But we don’t need to see the you also singing during the monologue and in the Bar Mitzvah sketch and also appearing in the “Record Label Meeting” sketch that was just a device to introduce your musical performance.  What’s that we said about overkill?  We mean, c’mon, it’s not like the guy is Paul McCartney.  And, sure, we admit, “F*** You” is one of those songs we heard about ad nauseam before we ever actually heard it (much like “Umbrella”), because the only radio we listen to is sports talk and NPR.  But it is good, at the very least, it’s dangerously infectious.  However, isn’t “F*** You” just like “Hey Ya,” but not as good.  Seven years later we still think the former is a great song, not sure if the latter will fare so well in 2018.  Will it be a classic or a novelty?  Only time will tell if it stands the test of time.  But, until then, we could have done with at least one less Cee-Lo appearance.

Read on: Pee-wee plays with fire, Bill Hader gets political, and a hidden meaning to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sketch

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NBC to Replace ‘Southland’ With ‘Chuck?’

Well, no, not exactly, but according to Michael Ausiello the third season premiere of Chuck might be pushed up earlier than its initially scheduled March return.  With a new vacancy in the schedule (read: Southland) this sounds good to me.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking, “But I’ve never seen Chuck.  This doesn’t excite me.”   Well, you’re in luck, Hulu is streaming pilot.  So, no excuses.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bravo Plays Me For a Fool Yet Again

Well, I guess you can ignore that last post, as when we loaded up the DVR to watch Top Chef we found that there was, in fact, no new episode last night. Bravo has a tendency to do this, both with Top Chef and Project Runway (when it aired on the net), showing you scenes from the next episode, but failing to inform you that said episode will not air the following week. Building me up and breaking me down (perhaps the blame is really on me for letting Top Chef become the highlight of my week, but I refuse to become Bravo’s scapegoat).

On the bright side this means that Ron gets to stay in the spotlight for one more week, and it’s an excuse for another Ron Duprat/Carl Winslow comparison.

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Still waiting to Rock.

So after writing yesterday’s post about waiting for days for Guitar Hero 5 to arrive, I realized that I had made an oversight.  At the bottom of the email confirming shipment, basically the fine print, it noted that the game was due to arrive on September 4.

Sep 4 Delivery

So at least I had some answer.  Not the one I wanted, but it accounted for the delay, and why I spent 3 days waiting with bated breath.

I woke up today excited for D-Day (delivery day, of course).  Eager and perhaps a tad greedy, I checked the tracking #, expecting to see that the package was en route.  And to my extreme dismay I found this:


If you can’t read the text, it says “Electronic Shipping Info Received.”  So it might not have even shipped yet, let alone arriving today.  Amazon, quit playing games with my heart.  My Guitar Hero anticipating heart.

The sad thing is I know that next time I pre-order something it’ll be from Amazon.  And the cycle will start all over again.  Well, the devil you know.

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Where’s my Guitar Hero 5???

Amazon, c’mon!  Where are you?  You’re usually right on top of these things.  When I ordered The State the DVDs arrived a day early. So when I plunked down my $60 three weeks ago for Guitar Hero 5 I naturally expected it to arrive on September 1st, the release date, if not before.  I considered ordering the title from GameStop, who guaranteed that it would arrive on September One.  But I went with Amazon, because they’ve been good to me in the past and I’m loyal.  They have all my debit card info on file, it just made more sense.  So you can imagine my frustration when September the first rolled around and the game did not arrive. Let down.

But late that night I did receive an email.  It had shipped!

Guitar Hero Has Shipped

So naturally the next morning, I check out the tracking #, and there’s no record of the shipment.  Okay, that happens, but it’s still probably going to come that day, right?  Wrong.  Wednesday came and went and still no tracking updates.  And here we are now, Thursday, and still:

Tracking #?

C’mon, Amazon!  Deliver!  I feel like you’ve lied to me.  By now I was planning on wasting my afternoon playing “Why Bother.”  Now I’m almost being productive.  Thanks a lot.


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