Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: The Old Bull

No change in terms from yesterday, as we guess people are snowed in from the Internet.  So, as we’ll no doubt do from time to time, we’re going to revisit “tom westman.”

While we were in Survivor withdrawal we came across a collection of all-time favorite  challenges as decided by Survivor Challenges Producer John Kirhoffer.  It was, of course, no surprise to us to discover that  top five included a challenge from Palau, the tenth season of the game, and the one absolutely dominated by Tom Westman.  In this Immunity Challenge from #pisode 4, “Sumo at Sea,” Westman proves what a force he is, taking on and defeating the younger Bobby Jon.  In his commentary Kirhoffer recognizes Tom’s legendary status, calling him a “true American hero.”  If you’ve been reading this blog and have yet to comprehend the greatness of Tom Westman, watch this video and you’ll understand.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was also fascinating to learn that these kinds of challenges are always a best of three.  Which means that Tom actually had to vanquish Bobby Jon four times.  No sweat.

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