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Christmas Clipdown: Freak Out Control

A new classic:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

May you all get the calculator you want this Christmas!!!

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In Memoriam Emeritus: Chris Farley

Every year here at Jumped the Snark we like to commemorate the passing of Chris Farley, who left us on December 18, 1997.  We’re a few days late marking the 13th anniversary of that dark afternoon, but we don’t think Chris would mind terribly.  He’d probably just be happy knowing that he’s still making us laugh.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back in the late 90s when it seemed like a fun idea to customize the sounds on my Compaq Presario we used the audio from this clip as the welcome message.  Much better than the Windows 95 default greeting.

Thanks again, Chris.  We’ll be on time next year.

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Danza Moment of the Week: Christmas in Connecticut; Plus, Self-Promotion!

What happens when Angela decides to spend Christmas with that dick Geoffrey?  To what lengths will Angela go to find Tony’s baseball card?  What gift will Tony get for Angela that shows once and for all how much better he his than that dick Geoffrey?  Find out!

Continue (I know you will) with Parts II and III of “The Christmas Card.”

Isn’t it weird that the big joke with Mona is that she’s a huge slut?  Sorta like Blanche Devereaux, but with even less subtlety.  Kind creepy now (and even creepier as a 7-year-old).

In other (big!) Danza news, the folks over at Gawker.TV were kind enough to let us explore our fascination with Teach: Tony Danza in greater detail.  We ask the question: Whatever Happened to Teach: Tony Danza? Check it out!

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Christmas Clipdown: Seaver Style

We went with this clip last year, but, you know what, it’s the season of giving and you deserve this gift again.

So, we proudly present, the moving conclusion to the Growing Pains Season 2 Christmas episode “The Kid“:

Lesson learned: don’t judge a runaway by his or his cover!!!

Merry Christmas, upper-middle class Long Island suburb where the Seavers live!

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The Bestest News: Jim Carrey to Return to ‘SNL’! And a Look Back at His Last Go ‘Round

To this day we consider Jim Carrey’s May 1996 hosting turn as the best SNL of our generation (with perhaps Alec Baldwin’s November 2006 hosting appearance as the strongest since, but certainly not better), so it was with great excitement that we learned that Carrey will be returning after  almost 15 years to host the first SNL of 2011.  Set your DVRs for 11:30pm on January 8, kids.  If anyone could pull SNL out of its doldrums, it might be Carrey (although, the NBC website might want to get his name spelled name right).

Coming up: We look back at that instant classic…

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