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Danza Moment of the Week: Christmas in Connecticut; Plus, Self-Promotion!

What happens when Angela decides to spend Christmas with that dick Geoffrey?  To what lengths will Angela go to find Tony’s baseball card?  What gift will Tony get for Angela that shows once and for all how much better he his than that dick Geoffrey?  Find out!

Continue (I know you will) with Parts II and III of “The Christmas Card.”

Isn’t it weird that the big joke with Mona is that she’s a huge slut?  Sorta like Blanche Devereaux, but with even less subtlety.  Kind creepy now (and even creepier as a 7-year-old).

In other (big!) Danza news, the folks over at Gawker.TV were kind enough to let us explore our fascination with Teach: Tony Danza in greater detail.  We ask the question: Whatever Happened to Teach: Tony Danza? Check it out!

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Rue McClanahan: Sports Talk Personality?

For some reason, despite the fact that this season has been an absolute disaster, I’m still fascinated by the NY Mets, and lately I have been spending a lot of time listening to the stream from their radio network, WFAN 660AM.  However, I was quite surprised yesterday when I opened up their homepage and noticed in the Podcasts for the Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts Show an entry titled “Rue McClanahan.”  And I thought, not Rue “Blanche Devereaux” McClanhan, the Southern Belle with a voracious sexual appetite from The Golden Girls.  So I clicked “listen” and, sure enough, it was the very same Rue McClanahan.  Mostly they just discussed the origin of The Golden Girls, the immense talent of the cast, and how Estelle Getty played twenty years older than her actual age.  In addition, Evan Roberts, the 26-year old co-host, spent most of his professing his love for Ms. McClanahan.  But she didn’t seem to mind; apparently she gets a lot of that.

Listen Here!

#1 Sports Fan!

#1 Sports Fan!

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