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Rehab, Redemption, Robots: A Reel Steal

This one’s for all our friends in North Carolina.  It mixes their two biggest passions: country music and destroying stuff.

(btw, Gwyneth was a DELIGHT to work with)

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Parting Shot: Ride of your Life

Pick me up

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In Memorium: Steve Jobs

Well, actually, all that needs to be said about Steve Jobs has already been said, both good and bad.  So, instead, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share our earliest memory of Mac, what made us first want a Mac (a wish that took over ten years to come true, and then another five to be a proud owner of a brand new model): the 1995 sitcommerical, “The Martinettis Bring Home a Computer.”  We recall watching this infomercial-scripted comedy-hybrid on Saturday mornings with the same rapt attention we offered Muppet Babies and Saved by the Bell.  Much like the innovative products Jobs would bring to the world several years later upon his return to Apple, this “show” was pretty much the first of its kind.  Starring Chauncey Leopardi, better known as Michael “Squints” Palledorous, it remains a symbol of the that quintessential visionary Apple spirit, seen before, during, and hopefully after Jobs.

(if you’re curious, our first computer was  Compaq Presario with Windows 95 and we thought it was the most amazing thing ever ever).

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Planet Hoth: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Unlike Stephen Colbert and Rolling Stone magazine, here at Jumped the Snark we’ll admit it when we borrow from others, which is why we’re obligated to point out that background image used in our current website header is not our own, but courtesy of fellow Williamsburg resident Henry Hargreaves.  During the Blizzmageddon Hargreaves had the genius vision of Brooklyn as Hoth, photoshopping Empire Strikes Back characters and vehicles onto the snow-white Williamsburg canvas, including Luke and Han gathering their bearings in front of the Hess station on Metropolitan Ave.  In fact, it was the composite of the AT-AT used in our header that informed us that we should probably wait another day or two before returning to Brooklyn after the storm, as in the distance we spotted a White Castle, and knew that the ice planet Hoth in these photos was just mere blocks from our own apartment.  So, Mr. Hargreaves, we owe you a debt of gratitude for not just creating these brilliant images (which we’ve gladly appropriated), but also for tipping us off to the horrible post-blizzard conditions in the neighborhood.  May the Force be with you.

Alright, Luke, time to take down that AT-AT.  Let’s not deprive local residents of their Crave Cases any longer.

via Gothamist

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1.11.11 is the Lonliest Number

Brought to you by The Count (not a robot (or is he???)):

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Speaking of Robots, Did Stephen Colbert Rip Us Off?

We were hoping to make today an all robot-themed day (because 1.11.11 is like binary code, and that’s like robots, right?), but we weren’t sure where to take it.  Then we got a tip from Jumped the Snark BFF Steve Ponzo informing us that Stephen Colbert has been tweeting about the Fox Sports Robot, a hardworking machine who has long been the object of our affection.  Is Colbert cribbing from our notes?

Behold, a tweet from our personal account posted over Thanksgiving:

And a tweet from Colbert published earlier today:

Now we take offense to this for a number of reasons.  First, Stephen, buddy, let us have this one.  We don’t go around trying to get our portrait into the Smithsonian.  Secondly, “safest job in showbiz?”  We think not.  Not only did the Robot have to work on Thanksgiving, he also had to punch the clock during the great Blizzard of 2010.  We hardly call that “safe.”  And, finally, we object to Colbert’s tweet purely out of jealousy.  His comment is retweeted by 100+ people, earning the rank of “Top Tweet,” and our observation fails to garner a single mention; where’s the justice in that?  We think our tweet is just as good, if not better.  Don’t you agree?

Well, Stephen, I think the only way to settle this is to have us on the Report.  We’ll be waiting for your call.  Let’s bring on this guy too:

(and feel free to follow Seth on Twitter!)

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Just Because: Robot Repair

Somehow, despite committing our life’s work to documenting and analyzing SNL, we had never seen this phenomenal sketch before.  But better late than never.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you were wondering what kind of sketch we absolutely love, you now have your answer.

(also, do you think today’s date, 1.11.11, will overwhelm robots’ circuits?)

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