And Speaking of Ripping Us Off, Did Rolling Stone Rip Us Off? (What Was That We Were Saying About Jimmy Fallon?)

On Monday, for our Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day, we posted a couple Late Night with Jimmy Fallon clips and the photo of his recent New York Magazine cover, all below a headline referring to Fallon as “Mr. Sunshine.”  So imagine our surprise when the new Rolling Stone arrived in our mailbox yesterday with this cover:

We’re not sure what kind of black magic you employed to pull it off, Rolling Stone, but clearly you saw the post that we published extremely late on Monday evening and somehow rushed this cover to print in time to be delivered by Tuesday afternoon.  Fess up!  First Stephen Colbert infringes on our turf, and now Rolling Stone.  What happened to the rules of decorum for tweeting and journalism (in that order)?  It’s one thing to cop from New York Magazine (which we do from their Vulture blog all the time), but it’s a whole other thing to steal from us.

We guess chivalry IS dead.

(but go ahead and pick up the new issue, or at least read the article, because Fallon most certainly deserves all the attention)

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