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SBTB: One Down, Four To Go

A quick update before we being Saved by the Bell Season 2:

And now pizza!

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Sudeikis Week Continues: Silence Your Falcons

Between Seasons 1 and 2 of Saved by the Bell, here’s a quick one just to keep Jason Sukeikis week going.

Easily the best four seconds from this whole episode:

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‘Saved by the Bell’ Season 1

Season 1, Disc 1, Episode 1: “Dancing to the Max.

1:03pm: And we’re off!!!

Here we go. No turning back now…

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The Day Has Come: The ‘Saved by the Bell’ Marathon Starts Now

The snow is falling outside and we don’t have any plans til Friday night (maybe), so we’ve decided it’s finally time for the Saved by the Bell marathon, something we’ve been planning to do for years.  The day has arrived.

For obvious reasons we’re excluding Good Morning, Miss Bliss, The College Years, and The New Class.  But that still leaves us with 86 episodes, which works out to about 32 hours of Bayside.  We’ve gotten our coffee, picked up some soda, have a couple of bags of Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces at the ready, and a half-gallon of Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean Blast ice cream in the freezer.  We’re not sure what will come of this, but check back here for some live blogging and keep an eye on our Twitter for random insights and observations.  And then, hopefully, when all is done we’ll have some kind of thesis, the definitive Saved by the Bell dissertation.

Zack Morris, I’m coming for all your giant cell phones.

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You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone: Quick Thoughts On Last Week’s NBC Thursday Comedies


That’s how we felt about The Office.  As much as we’ve harangued the show this year for underusing or misusing Jim, rendering him no more than the Greek chorus, it turns out that we really need him.  Absent for the entire episode, save the cold open, we kept waiting for the camera to cut to him, to confirm the absurdity of the situation.  But he wasn’t there (Jon Krasinksi off shooting a movie, we assume), and without Jim to ground Michael’s insanity it was a runaway train.  Now, they could still cut back on some of the Jim reaction shots, but as long as Michael is around, we’ll need that balance.

Speaking of Michael, we’ll wonder if we’ll feel the same way when he’s gone.  Because, right now, we’re eager for him to get moving out of Dunder Mifflin.  The act has finally grown tiresome, and it often suffocates the other characters and the show.  We’re sure we’ll miss him, but that doesn’t mean we’ll want him back.  However, Kudos to Mindy Kaling and Craig Robinson for continuing your MVP seasons.

Parks and Recreation, welcome home!  Thank goodness you gave us that season two recap to get us back up to speed (we could have used that for The Office and 30 Rock as well, frankly), and it seems like you haven’t missed a beat.  We think it got a little too broad at times (Andy with April’s new boyfriend, for example), and the overuse of things like the “Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness” worry us, but it’s definitely picking up where it left off, as the second best show of the night.

Which brings us to Community.  Oh how we missed you!  And you were only gone for six weeks.  Don’t stay away that long ever again!  You guys came back from the Christmas break without any rust, setting up what we can only assume will be an even better second half of season two.  Looking forward to it.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Oh, and Outsourced was awesome (jk!  jk!).


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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: A Heroes Welcome

We’re going to cheat a little tonight.  Our search term for this post is “tom westman heroes,” but, as much as we absolutely adore Lt. Tom Westman, we’ve already welcome him twice to this daily feature.  And, more importantly, there’s bigger Survivor matters at hand right now.  So we’re going to use that search term as an excuse to bring you this, the first official Boston Rob/Russell promo for Redemption Island:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“I’m going to need a bigger torch” = AMAZING.  Bring it, Probst!

Can.  Not.  Wait.

(Also, quick thought: Are Russell and Boston Rob really Jacob and the Man in Black?  Think about it)

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