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‘Top Chef All-Stars’: It’s Chinatown (It’s Gross)

Before we talk out last night’s Top Chef: All-Stars, we need to talk about our feelings regarding Chinatown.

Chinatown is our least favorite part of Manhattan.  That is, of course, if you even choose to consider the neighborhood part of Manhattan, which we have trouble doing.  We recently had the misfortune of reporting to an office in the heart of Chinatown everyday, and it was a miserable experience (going to Chinatown, not the job).  The Grand St. B-D station is our least favorite stop along the New York City subway’s 656 miles of track.1 We’ve long detested the experience of exiting that station, being hit with the foul stench of imported fish, most pungent in the mornings when the seafood is “fresh.”  The neighborhood is a visual and olfactory nightmare of rotting fish, fruit with horns, garbage and garbage juice.

We’ll finish our discussion on Chinatown and get to the recap once Padma’s done fashionably searching for buried treasure…

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Wait, So How Much is a Full-Price Pair of Bonobos?

If we’re getting $50 off our first pair of Bonobos (great name, guys), then we have to imagine that the final cost would be “they owe us $10,” right?  Seriously, how expensive could a pair of pants called “Bonobos” be?

Well, then again, they were named “Best Men’s Pants” by NY Magazine, so we’re sure they’re totally worth it.

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