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‘Saved by the Bell’ THE FINAL SEASON

This is it, folks.  We estimated it would take us about two days to get to this point.  Instead it’s taken 3 weeks.  But, nevertheless, we’ve arrived.  And the end.  Well, the beginning of the end.

6:14pm, Season 5, Disc 1, Episode 1: ” The Fight”

00:10: Well, right out of the gate we have to compliment the DVD menus for this season.  MUCH improved.

01:49: My school never had the “pool on the roof” gag.  I kind of regret that.  Feel like I didn’t have a proper high school experience.

02:32: Fun Fact: Elizabeth Berkley turned 44 during this season.

Read on: More fun facts, THE FIGHT, a big season from Big Pete, the curious case of Tori Scott, drinking, gambling, kissing, Punky Brewster, time travel and graduation day! And MORE!

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The Day Has Come: The ‘Saved by the Bell’ Marathon Starts Now

The snow is falling outside and we don’t have any plans til Friday night (maybe), so we’ve decided it’s finally time for the Saved by the Bell marathon, something we’ve been planning to do for years.  The day has arrived.

For obvious reasons we’re excluding Good Morning, Miss Bliss, The College Years, and The New Class.  But that still leaves us with 86 episodes, which works out to about 32 hours of Bayside.  We’ve gotten our coffee, picked up some soda, have a couple of bags of Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces at the ready, and a half-gallon of Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean Blast ice cream in the freezer.  We’re not sure what will come of this, but check back here for some live blogging and keep an eye on our Twitter for random insights and observations.  And then, hopefully, when all is done we’ll have some kind of thesis, the definitive Saved by the Bell dissertation.

Zack Morris, I’m coming for all your giant cell phones.

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