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‘Saved by the Bell’ THE FINAL SEASON

This is it, folks.  We estimated it would take us about two days to get to this point.  Instead it’s taken 3 weeks.  But, nevertheless, we’ve arrived.  And the end.  Well, the beginning of the end.

6:14pm, Season 5, Disc 1, Episode 1: ” The Fight”

00:10: Well, right out of the gate we have to compliment the DVD menus for this season.  MUCH improved.

01:49: My school never had the “pool on the roof” gag.  I kind of regret that.  Feel like I didn’t have a proper high school experience.

02:32: Fun Fact: Elizabeth Berkley turned 44 during this season.

Read on: More fun facts, THE FIGHT, a big season from Big Pete, the curious case of Tori Scott, drinking, gambling, kissing, Punky Brewster, time travel and graduation day! And MORE!

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Saved by the Bell Project Update: Graduation

Well kids, what started as a two to three day marathon has turned into a weeks long journey.  But we’ve finally reached the end of the Saved by the Bell line, “Graduation.”  With the benefit of time we know what eventually happens to the gang, but when we first saw this episode we didn’t know if Zack and Kelly would end up together or if this was it for them.  It was the end of their youth, and we like to think that for the actors, from Mark-Paul to Lark to Dustin, it felt like they were actually graduating.  It was truly a milestone moment for all of us.

Alright, let’s get to it.  Get your tissues ready.

What a face, eh?  The kind of visage you could set your clocks to.

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Checking in With ‘SBTB’: S5

We’re 1/3 of the way through the fifth and final season of Saved by the Bell.  We’re having a real trouble stomaching the Tori episodes, more than we ever remembered, but we’re soldiering on.  Two more discs and our journey will be complete.

We’re also thinking about parting our hair the other way.  Thoughts?

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‘Saved by the Bell’ Season IV Update

We’re off and running on Season 4, which such classics as “Palm Springs Weekend,” “No Hope with Dope” and, of course, “Rockumentary.”  Should be, like, totally awesome!

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Season 3 Update: Guess Who’s Coming to Bayside

Midway through Saved by the Bell Season 3, and midway through the “Wicked Stepbrother” two-parter, we pause for a quick progress report.

The main thing we’ve learned so far is that we look TERRIBLE on a FlipCam.  Or possibly all the time.

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“The Last Dance:” Zack and Kelly Break-Up and We Were Never the Same

A special video update after “The Last Dance,” the episode in which Kelly cheats on Zack with that jerk Jeff and our world comes crashing down.  Not to get too Kevin Arnold on you, but when we first watched Zack and Kelly break-up a little bit of our childhood slipped away.

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‘SBTB’ Marathon’ Video Update: Done with Season 2, Onto Season 3

Two videos, after finishing up Season 2 and just before starting Season 3.  Sorry about  my face.  I’ve tried, but I can’t get it to stop looking that way.

And here’s the photoshopped image in question:

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