Cabin Fever

We’re snowed in on Long Island and going rather stir crazy.  This would have been the perfect opportunity for our long-gestating Saved by the Bell marathon, but, unfortunately, we recently brought all five seasons back to Brooklyn for that very occasion.  It’s like Gift of the Magi, but with Screech instead of a comb.

So hopefully we’ll take this predicament as an opportunity to write, reflect, and ponder the nature of man.  In other words, let’s turn snow into snowade.  And thanks to our mother’s refusal to pass up a discount and our father’s love of soup, we have enough provisions to last through another dozen Snowreckonings.  Certainly, we feel more prepared than Kip & Henry.

[Part 2]

While we tend to side with their conclusion about the nature of man, Community might disagree.  What do you think?


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