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Philbin/McHale: Clash of the Titans

Yesterday Joel McHale visited Live! with Regis and Kelly (who themselves are visiting Las Vegas this week), pitting McHale against the source of much of the material shown on The Soup (or, as Regis calls it, simply Soup).  But, much like his recent appearance on Today‘s interminable fourth hour, McHale demonstrated that he has no reservations about biting the hand that feeds him, as he deftly inserted a Regis-is-as-old-as-the-Wright-Brothers crack within the first minute, and continued to harass the irascible Philbin for the entirety of the segment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is something we’ve come to adore about McHale (add it to the list), that he doesn’t make nice with objects of his scorn when he appears on their shows.  Instead, he continues to call them out for their incompetence or insidipity, but still being careful to show appreciation for their existence, as they are the reason he’s able to feed his children (at least until Community came along).  And despite his snark, we can tell that McHale does respect Regis and many of the people he mocks, and I think they in turn admire him for being genuine, sarcastic yet gracious (although, with Regis, it’s hard to tell if he even realizes he’s being derided.  Or that he’s on TV.  ZING!).  So cheers to McHale for being an inveterate smug prick, whether in the comfy confines of The Soup studio or behind enemy lines.

Oh, and Regis revealed his true form.

That explains a lot.

Video courtesy of Gawker.TV.


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Danza Moment of the Week: He’ll Tumble for Ya

In future Danza Moments of the Week we’ll be sure to get into the real Danza deep cuts, but we’re still a little drowsy from all the turkey so this week we’re going to deliver a classic Danza moment.  Really, it’s almost too good to not post every week.

It’s a mystery to us how he walked away from the wreckage unharmed (however, it was not surprising that his hair remained firmly in place.  Oh, how we miss that coif).

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Don’t Tease Me, Amazon

Listen, Amazon, when you tell me that Grinders are up to 40% off I’m obviously going to excited.  Sure, we prefer to use the term “sub” or “hero” here, but I’m not going to get picky when it comes overstuffed sandwiches at discount prices.  So imagine my disappointment:

What a shame.  Would have been such a great sale.  Could have done all my holiday shopping right there.

Next time, take a cue from Jon:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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In Memoriam: Leslie Nielsen

What’s to be said has already been said, and said better, so we’ll just leave you, and Mr. Nielsen, with this:

Thanks for the laughs.  Hopefully every time anyone makes a “don’t call me Shirley” reference you’ll get another set of wings.

(see, that’s one pair right there)


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It’s Official: ‘Sesame Street’ Rules the Internet

Move Over Betty White, ScarJo, Anne Hathaway, and any other Hollywood starlet, young or old, who had her sights set on hosting SNL.  Get in line behind the chocolate chip chomper, the macadamia mastictor, the snickerdoodle scavenger himself, Cookie Monster.

Is there anyone on the Internet these days doing better work than Sesame Street (and that includes my mom’s emails)?  After firing off one viral sensation after another, from the Katy Perry-Elmo music video (yes, we thought it was good, clean fun) to a terrific True Blood spoof to a brilliant take on the Old Spice commercials, this one could be their magnum opus.  Who would have imagined that the most reliable source for viral video genius in 2010 would be Sesame Street?

SNL, Lorne, you have about a month left in the year to make this happen.

And, realistically, wouldn’t it be amazing if this actually worked?  But beyond just the novelty, and joy of seeing Cookie Monster take the stage at Studio 8H, it would be especially poignant for the Muppets, original SNL contributors, to return to the show after 35 years.  In many ways it would be a return to the scene of the crime, as their brief run during the first season of SNL was one of Jim Henson’s few failures, with the abstract Muppet segments proving unpopular with audiences.  So now, three and a half decades later, and twenty years after Henson’s death, Cookie Monster can make it right. He can bring it full circle.  Like a perfect cookie (see what we did there?).

It’ll never happen, but at perhaps Cookie Monster can at least make a cameo.  That’d be worlds better than relying on Seth Rogen to play him.


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‘Survivor Nicaragua’: Am Too Proud to Beg

In last week‘s Survivor: Nicaragua recap we pointed out that we felt Brenda and Sash were not really in control, and could very well find themselves on the outside looking in.  We also meant to add that, despite appearing to call the shots, Brenda is not Parvati, the cunning siren (and arguably best player in Survivor history) who probably seems like the best comparison for Brenda.  Unfortunately for Brenda, there are critical, significant differences between the two.  Brenda might feel like she has everyone under her thumb, but she lacks both the charm and, more importantly, the ruthlessness of Parvati (and while Brenda has seemed more than physically capable, we’d argue that she doesn’t possess Parvati’s considerable strength).  Yes, Brenda had a seemingly strong alliance, with two of her closest allies, Sash and NaOnka, possessing immunity idols, but those two people are clearly intent on keeping those idols for themselves, while Parvati managed to acquire idols without even trying.  Brenda went to Tribal Council with an idol in Sash’s pocket, while Parvati basically went with a bucket overflowing with her own.  (And speaking of Sash, we probably should have also been pointed out that he’s no Russell Hantz, lacking his killer instinct, his courage, and, most notably, his deviousness).

More: Does anyone remember the day before? What goes on inside Purple Kelly’s brain? And who spiked Probst’s coffee?

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Parting Shot: Boss Feed

Running for a record 11th consecutive term

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Top Chef Contestants are Just Like Us!

Not, not because we also wear Crocs!  GROSS!

But because we have the same taste in bagels as Top Chef: Chicago cheftestant Nikki Cascone.

Cascone kept a week-long diary of her meals for Grub Street’s Diet of the Week, and had this to say about her Saturday morning:

Second breakfast. I HAD to have one of my favorites: two eggs over-medium, Swiss cheese, and turkey bacon on a whole-wheat bagel from La Bagel Delight in Brooklyn. Take it from a born-and-raised New York girl: They are the best bagels in New York.

(it should be noted that Cascone is extremely pregnant and that is why she has been eating multiple breakfasts, NOT because she is a hobbit)

We could not agree more with Cascone’s assesment of Bagel Delight, which has long been our favorite bagel shop in the borough, nay, the whole world (just ask our brother in LA, whom we overnighted bagels for his birthday a couple years back.  La Bagel Delicious).  And we also respect Cascone’s sandwich order, although when we splurge we go for real bacon.  Can’t do better than the genuine article.  And, at that point, why get a whole wheat bagel?  Just go for the gusto, Brooklyn!

We also have to commend Cascone for having the courage to open a restaurant that specializes in Jew food, Octavia’s Porch, which is set to open at the end of the month.  Take it from a born and a raised Long Island Jew, we’d rather eat pizza.  But if she’s set on trying to make gefilte fish more palatable, well, god bless her.

And if any of you stop in at La Bagel Delight, ask for Frank or Amanda and tell ’em Seth sent you.

(can we also add how excited we are for Top Chef: All-Stars, premiering December 1?  We can?  Great!  We’re super excited for Top Chef:All-Stars, premiering December 1.  Can’t wait to see what kind of Crocs Marcel is going to wear)

Via Grub Street

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More Muppet Casting News, But Still One Glaring Omission

The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made casting news just doesn’t seem to stop.  Last week were ecstatic to report that Paul Rudd is on board (along with Jon Krasinksi, Ed Helms and Jack Black among others), now comes word that Billy Crystal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Alan Arkin have agreed to cameo (although, if we had our choice of Alans we’d prefer Alan Alda.  Actually, our first pick would be Bill Hader as Alan Alda.  But with Hader’s Apatow/Segel ties – roles in Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express and Forgetting Sarah Marshall – it’s probably only a matter of time before he’s on board).

But with the deluge of casting news – it seems like nearly all of young Hollywood is going to pop up in the film – there remains one name we’ve yet to see, one actor who would truly make The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made the greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made.  We’re talking, of course, of…

Charles Grodin, DUH!

Before all is said and done, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Jack McBrayer, Tony Danza, Chi McBride, Michael J. Fox, Johnny Knoxville, Scott Wolf, Tom Hanks, Tina Yothers, Alan Thicke Jason Bateman, Bobby DeNiro and a host of others might pop up in the film.  But, Grodin, that would be the big get, and he’d really bring this thing full circle.

Charlie, thoughts?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via NY Magazine’s Vulture

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We’re Not Too Old to Laugh at the Word “Chub”

We caught this clip from The Talk while waiting on line at the bank last week.  Sometimes the good stuff just finds you (around the 30-second mark): 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, BIG TIP: buying pretzels in bulk is cheaper.  Mind.  Blown.

You know what would be terrible?  Being the kids in America’s Cheapest Family.  Misery.

Sidenote: do you think that 20 years ago it was Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini‘s goal to one day co-host a mid-morning all-female talk show?

Johnny Depp:  I want to be the biggest movie star in the world one day, while keeping my integrity intact and cultivating my own personal style.  What about you, Holls?

Holly Robinson Peete: I’d like to ask someone the best way to buy bananas.


Mario Lopez:  Someday I’m going to be one of the hardest working men in Hollywood, hosting a dance show on MTV, a syndicated celebrity news magazine, as well as the occasional beauty pageant.  After I star in a Greg Louganis biopic, of course.  How about your Mark?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar:  Oh, well, I’ll take a brief respite after this, then work on a string of shows with acclaimed TV vets Stephen Bocco and David Milch, grow my hair long again, cut it, and then do a sex scene with Mary-Louise Parker.  Pretty standard stuff.  What about you, Leah?  When this whole Malibu Sands storyline wraps up, what do you want to do?

Leah Remini:  It’d be great to do a show where I’m married to a fat guy.  I think the hot wife-overweight slob husband dynamic is totally unexplored territory.  Then, after that, something about perfume.

Dreams do come true.


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