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The Real Women of SNL: They are Fambily; Plus: a Totally Unnecesary Look Back at the History of Female Not Yet Ready for Primetime Players

Well, despite our reminder to you last week, we eagerly arrived home on Monday night only to be severely disappointed when we realized that we had neglected to set our DVR to record the Women of SNL special.  We had been looking forward to it ever since Jon Hamm delivered his goodbyes the day before, but the thought never occurred to us that our SNL season pass would not apply to the female-centric primetime special.  OUR BAD.

To add to our dismay, neither NBC.com nor Hulu is hosting the full special.  However, it appears that the only original material included a few one-on-one interviews and this excellent take on the Real Housewives (we’re going to go ahead and say they’re primarily targeting RH of NJ over the other installments, with Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Laraine Newman channeling the nascent RH of Beverly Hills via satellite).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Read on: We speculate on what was in the special and then give an SNL history lesson. Get out your notebooks!

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Just One More Reason Why Tom Westman is Our Hero

Because, in addition to clutching a narrow pole on top of an unsteady buoy for thirteen hours, Westman told Jeff Probst that they needed to kill the fire because the smoke was getting in his eyes.  Darkness?  Cold?  No sweat for Lt. Tom Westman.

Is that all you got?


See Probst talk more about this challenge, which he deemed his favorite of all-time, on EW’s PopWatch.

We never tire of that beard.

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