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Jeff Probst Picked His Favorite ‘Survivor’ Location Explicitly Because of the Presence of Tom Westman

Okay, well, not exactly.  But Probst did cite Palau as his favorite location, lauding it for its friendly locals, crystal clear water, and abundance of snorkeling opportunities, as well its excellent pizzerias and mexican restaurants (obviously).

However, let’s get real.  We all know what made that place great.

See?  Probst knows too.

Via PopWatch


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Danza Moment of the Week: You Heard That?

Why let the fact that Teach: Tony Danza is on indefinite hiatus stop us from delivering a Danza Moment of the Week?  Do you think Tony Danza would let that silly little fact get in his way?  N-O, NO.  So then here we are, the Danza Moment of the Week:

Thanks, YouTube!


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You’re on Thin Ice, Amazon

First, you willingly sell a guide to pedophilia, incurring the considerable wrath of Anderson Cooper, and now you’ve gotten on our bad side with your latest “recommendation”:

Really?  You think we’re interested in Zumba Fitness.  No.

We will not be joining the party.  And we do not want to learn more.

That’s two strikes, Amazon.  Not a good place to be right before the holiday season.  We could just as easily order our nephews’ Christmas presents from Toysrus.com.  Don’t forget that.

Zumba Fitness.  Really?

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In Case You Haven’t Been on the Internet Today

And if, for some reason, when you did log on the first place you went was this blog (or maybe Jumped the Snark is your homepage?), this happened last night:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jimmy Fallon, man, that guy.  Just getting better and better.  As his recent profile in NY Mag pointed out, unlike Jay, Dave and Conan, Fallon is a performer, first and foremost, which is why he’s pulling off some of the most entertaining and unique bits in late night.  Who else could do something like this (besides Carson Daly, of course)?

Also, really nice of Macho Man Randy Savage to swing by.

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More Gigglefests on ‘Boomer & Carton’: Making Fun of Blind People!

WFAN’s morning show Boomer & Carton is becoming to the go-to place for miggles (man giggles).  Last week, Craig Carton spurred co-host Boomer Esiason to launch one of the all-time great spit-takes.  This morning, during a conversation with caller “Blind Mike,” Carton demonstrated his lack of experience with the physically handicapped, sending Boomer into another laughing fit.

(Apparently, Carton was not content letting Today have all the chuckles at someone else’s misfortune)

And the miggles didn’t stop there.  “Blind Mike” had called in as a contestant on Boomer & Carton’s weekly sports quiz “Do You Know More Sports Than…” in which they pit a male listener against an attractive local female, usually a waitress from LI or NJ (basically an excuse to bring in and ogle a pretty lady).  Carton, perhaps feeling guilty about his earlier remarks, immediately tossed a Mike a softball, and Boomer lost it once again.

Sadly, “Blind Mike” lost.  There is no justice in this world.

Oh, and speaking of David Paterson…

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