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A Boomer & Carton Gigglefest to Pull You Out of the Monday Morning Duldrums

Got a case of the Mondays?  Well, you’re in luck, because we saved this clip from last week’s Boomer & Carton in the Morning (on the flagship station for NY sports WFAN) just for that scenario.  Uncontrollable Boomer Esiason laughter is quickly becoming one of our favorite things, and he comes through with another giggle fit in response to Craig Carton’s two-minute run of Suzyn Waldman impressions (Waldman, as you probably don’t know, is a radio commentator for the Yankees).  A truly impressive one-man performance from Carton.

(and we do apologize for the glare)

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More Gigglefests on ‘Boomer & Carton’: Making Fun of Blind People!

WFAN’s morning show Boomer & Carton is becoming to the go-to place for miggles (man giggles).  Last week, Craig Carton spurred co-host Boomer Esiason to launch one of the all-time great spit-takes.  This morning, during a conversation with caller “Blind Mike,” Carton demonstrated his lack of experience with the physically handicapped, sending Boomer into another laughing fit.

(Apparently, Carton was not content letting Today have all the chuckles at someone else’s misfortune)

And the miggles didn’t stop there.  “Blind Mike” had called in as a contestant on Boomer & Carton’s weekly sports quiz “Do You Know More Sports Than…” in which they pit a male listener against an attractive local female, usually a waitress from LI or NJ (basically an excuse to bring in and ogle a pretty lady).  Carton, perhaps feeling guilty about his earlier remarks, immediately tossed a Mike a softball, and Boomer lost it once again.

Sadly, “Blind Mike” lost.  There is no justice in this world.

Oh, and speaking of David Paterson…

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Tremendous Boomer Esiason Spit-Take: Was That in the Cincinnati Bengals Circa 1988 Playbook?

Sometimes life just hands you a gift, whether it’s turning on the TV in the morning to find Regis inadvertently giving Meryl Streep a heart attack, or turning on the TV at night to witness Anderson Cooper absolutely destroy an opportunistic, insipid politician.  So this morning, while brushing out teeth, we flipped on the tube to see what was happening with WFAN’s Boomer & Carton, simulcast on the MSG Network, and, well, our birthday present came early:


Enlighten us, Boomer: which play was that?

And speaking of spit-takes, here’s this.  And speaking of uncontrollable laughter, there’s that.

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