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Philbin/McHale: Clash of the Titans

Yesterday Joel McHale visited Live! with Regis and Kelly (who themselves are visiting Las Vegas this week), pitting McHale against the source of much of the material shown on The Soup (or, as Regis calls it, simply Soup).  But, much like his recent appearance on Today‘s interminable fourth hour, McHale demonstrated that he has no reservations about biting the hand that feeds him, as he deftly inserted a Regis-is-as-old-as-the-Wright-Brothers crack within the first minute, and continued to harass the irascible Philbin for the entirety of the segment.

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This is something we’ve come to adore about McHale (add it to the list), that he doesn’t make nice with objects of his scorn when he appears on their shows.  Instead, he continues to call them out for their incompetence or insidipity, but still being careful to show appreciation for their existence, as they are the reason he’s able to feed his children (at least until Community came along).  And despite his snark, we can tell that McHale does respect Regis and many of the people he mocks, and I think they in turn admire him for being genuine, sarcastic yet gracious (although, with Regis, it’s hard to tell if he even realizes he’s being derided.  Or that he’s on TV.  ZING!).  So cheers to McHale for being an inveterate smug prick, whether in the comfy confines of The Soup studio or behind enemy lines.

Oh, and Regis revealed his true form.

That explains a lot.

Video courtesy of Gawker.TV.


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Danza Moment of the Week: He’ll Tumble for Ya

In future Danza Moments of the Week we’ll be sure to get into the real Danza deep cuts, but we’re still a little drowsy from all the turkey so this week we’re going to deliver a classic Danza moment.  Really, it’s almost too good to not post every week.

It’s a mystery to us how he walked away from the wreckage unharmed (however, it was not surprising that his hair remained firmly in place.  Oh, how we miss that coif).

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Don’t Tease Me, Amazon

Listen, Amazon, when you tell me that Grinders are up to 40% off I’m obviously going to excited.  Sure, we prefer to use the term “sub” or “hero” here, but I’m not going to get picky when it comes overstuffed sandwiches at discount prices.  So imagine my disappointment:

What a shame.  Would have been such a great sale.  Could have done all my holiday shopping right there.

Next time, take a cue from Jon:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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