Top Chef Contestants are Just Like Us!

Not, not because we also wear Crocs!  GROSS!

But because we have the same taste in bagels as Top Chef: Chicago cheftestant Nikki Cascone.

Cascone kept a week-long diary of her meals for Grub Street’s Diet of the Week, and had this to say about her Saturday morning:

Second breakfast. I HAD to have one of my favorites: two eggs over-medium, Swiss cheese, and turkey bacon on a whole-wheat bagel from La Bagel Delight in Brooklyn. Take it from a born-and-raised New York girl: They are the best bagels in New York.

(it should be noted that Cascone is extremely pregnant and that is why she has been eating multiple breakfasts, NOT because she is a hobbit)

We could not agree more with Cascone’s assesment of Bagel Delight, which has long been our favorite bagel shop in the borough, nay, the whole world (just ask our brother in LA, whom we overnighted bagels for his birthday a couple years back.  La Bagel Delicious).  And we also respect Cascone’s sandwich order, although when we splurge we go for real bacon.  Can’t do better than the genuine article.  And, at that point, why get a whole wheat bagel?  Just go for the gusto, Brooklyn!

We also have to commend Cascone for having the courage to open a restaurant that specializes in Jew food, Octavia’s Porch, which is set to open at the end of the month.  Take it from a born and a raised Long Island Jew, we’d rather eat pizza.  But if she’s set on trying to make gefilte fish more palatable, well, god bless her.

And if any of you stop in at La Bagel Delight, ask for Frank or Amanda and tell ’em Seth sent you.

(can we also add how excited we are for Top Chef: All-Stars, premiering December 1?  We can?  Great!  We’re super excited for Top Chef:All-Stars, premiering December 1.  Can’t wait to see what kind of Crocs Marcel is going to wear)

Via Grub Street

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