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2010 Christmas Clipdown Kickoff: Saved by the Bell Style

We’re getting our 2010 Christmas Clipdown started with the exciting conclusion to Saved by the Bell‘s Season 3 episode “A Home for Christmas” (the one with the homeless guy):

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: CNR

This was another lay-up: “charles nelson reilly”

Still waiting for The Life of Reilly to arrive on Netflix.

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‘Survivor Nicaragua’ Finale: The Kids Are Alright; AKA For Whom the Bong Tolls

We did it guys!  We made it to the end of another season of Survivor.  And we’ll tell you what, despite what the general consensus seems to be, we found this to be a thoroughly entertaining season.  Filled with a disconcerting number of weak, unlikable players, yes.  Lacking a truly great storyline, showdown or blindside, perhaps.  Nearly ruined with the loss of Jimmy Johnson, you bet.  A total failure in attempting to change the game with the Medallion of Power, for sure.  An all-time great Sole Survivor, not likely.  But coming on the heels of All-Stars, we feared the worst.  And, thanks in part to one of the more gratifying wins in recent memory (it certainly helps make up for giving the million to Sandra), Survivor: Nicaragua restored our faith in the franchise, proving it could still entertain and astonish, even without Russell Hantz, Tom Westman, or water-based challenges.

But before we get to the finale, we need to first revisit the trend that has dominated the most recent episodes.

Read on: The creepiness continues. And we have a winner! And we’re happy! Plus, Jimmy Johnson!

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‘Survivor Nicaragua’:The Final Faces of Jane

With the season finale of Survivor: Nicaragua just hours away, let’s kick off the countdown with the Final Faces of Jane:

See the rest!

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