‘Survivor Nicaragua’: Too Close for Comfort

Remember what we said about last week being creepy?


Double yikes.

We’re just wanted to throw up a quick post in preparation for Sunday’s finale, so here are some very quick thoughts, with maybe some more substantial analysis to come tomorrow.

– GUYS, whenever you receive video messages from your family members (on perfectly placed Sprint phones, naturally) THEY WILL BE IN THE REWARD CHALLENGE.  Don’t seem so surprised.

– Chase, you just might win this thing, but you’re still as dumb as one would assume a “car jackman” to be.

– At first I was surprised that Fabio and Dan didn’t take a shot at voting with Jane, but getting her out was probably the right move.  Fabio would obviously beat Dan in a final three, but probably not Jane.

– And give credit to Marty for putting that bug in everyone’s head that Jane will absolutely win if she makes it to the end.  I don’t know if that was true before he suggested it, but everyone has operated under that pretense since.

– Jane, grow up.

– Still weirded out by Dan and his son (as was Probst).  That kind of PDA would maybe be normal for a wife greeting her husband as when returned from Normandy.  Triple yikes.

And now our A-B-C of the week.  Still holding off on “Always Be Creepy,” just in case something somehow surpasses that Dan-Matthew incest lovefest.  So, instead, in honor of Jane’s exit, we’re going with:

Always Be Carolina

Cause in voting out Jane Chase evidently lost all his Carolina cred.  We all know Jane keeps a shotgun handy on her dog farm, so Chase better be careful if he ever steps foot nearby.

Five Survivors left!   But only one Survivor!  Get your pizzas ready!

This blog post was brought to you by the Sprint Evo.  The World’s First 4G Phone.

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