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Hey Sandy, You Can’t Stop Halloweenie

Hey Sandy, you may be a storm to beat all storms, a monster of meteorological proportions, and you may be a theme song whose words are difficult to understand, but you will never, ever, stop Little Pete from celebrating Halloween. Nothing ever will.

Now a hurricane named Hurricane Little Pete, that would be interesting.


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We Finally Weigh-in On Hank Williams Jr.’s Controversial Hitler Comments

We dunno, we were kind of always under the impression he was a bit of a loose cannon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Kieran’s Korner: Another Look at ‘SNL,’ Dana Carvey and “The Best Cast Ever”

Even before we finished our analysis of last weekend’s Dana Carvey hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ we had no doubt that this particular episode, this particular crossroads, required additional insight.  Perhaps, more than ever, a Kieran’s Korner was needed.  As you know, we consider Kieran our elder statesmen when it comes to ‘SNL’ knowledge and personal experience, our very own living, breathing, sweater vest-wearing ‘Live From New York.’  To some degree, the Carvey years, ’86-’93, were always nostalgia to us; we were practically an infant when Carvey debuted, and thus only began to appreciate his talent towards the end of his tenure, largely because of the runaway success of ‘Wayne’s World.’  Our first time seeing the show live came just after Carvey’s exit, the final seasons of Farley and Sandler, and indeed we didn’t become regular viewers until the great cast turnover of 1995 (and, to be fair, like Kieran, we initially didn’t care for that group funny).  So while the Will Ferrell era was the first cast we became intimately familiar with, watched week in and week out, the Carvey period came during Kieran’s formative years.  We knew then that any effect the last episode had on us, there was a good chance that feeling would only be amplified for Kieran.  So we turned to Kieran for his special brand of wisdom, to discover his reaction considering his similar but much more personal relationship with ’86-’93 .  And, as usual, he obliged.

Speaking of the death of childhood, let me tell you about the flood of negative emotions I experienced watching the first episode of the 21st season of Saturday Night Live.

The date was September 30, 1995 and I was twenty-three years old. Mariel Hemingway was the host. There was an interminable sketch where Will Ferrell yelled at some kids who were, evidently, on a shed. Filmed pieces included a rather pallid spoof commercial for a “morning” beer named AM Ale. Against better judgment, Mark McKinney tried to import his Chicken Lady character from The Kids in the Hall.

I didn’t laugh.

Continue: Kieran’s Korner or: How Kieran Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ’95-’01. And a hindsight look back at Carvey’s auspicious beginnings…

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In Memoriam Emeritus: Chris Farley

Every year here at Jumped the Snark we like to commemorate the passing of Chris Farley, who left us on December 18, 1997.  We’re a few days late marking the 13th anniversary of that dark afternoon, but we don’t think Chris would mind terribly.  He’d probably just be happy knowing that he’s still making us laugh.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back in the late 90s when it seemed like a fun idea to customize the sounds on my Compaq Presario we used the audio from this clip as the welcome message.  Much better than the Windows 95 default greeting.

Thanks again, Chris.  We’ll be on time next year.

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‘SNL’: Plain Jane

Not that Jane Lynch was sub-par in her first (of hopefully many) outing as host of SNL,  quite the contrary, but it’s that, once again, the material failed to live up to the vast talents of the host.  It’s confusing, bewildering and frustrating that they keep wasting their resources.  Perhaps, as we felt with the Zach Galifianakis show last season, the writing staff is actually less motivated by a talented host; they rely on the host to elevate the material, so what they deliver is second-rate.  It’s just a theory, and probably misguided and misinformed, but you also can’t ignore the body of evidence, because, while this week’s show was better than last week, it wasn’t a great improvement.  We saw plenty of Jane Lynch (and plenty of wigs), but nothing truly memorable.

Read on: Gilly on Glee? Is that all you got? Also: who did SNL rip-off this week?

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Out of Hibernation

We accidentally took some HiberNol, knocking ourselves out for 2-3 months.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But we’re back.  And we feel great.

It’s merely springtime for Jumped The Snark.  Stay tuned.

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Friday Nostalgia Corner: Goodbye Chris Farley, 12 Years Ago Today

Normally at the Nostalgia Corner we like to focus on some kitschy, lame, dated show or fad from the late 80s or early 90s, like ABC’s TGIF or snap bracelets, but today’s edition is a little different, a little more serious, and much more tragic.

I can still remember it vividly.  Twelve years ago today, December 18, 1997, my mother was driving me and some friends home from swim practice in her newly leased maroon Oldsmobile Bravada.  As we turned onto Truval Lane to drop off Kevin we heard the news come over the radio.  Chris Farley had died.  I was in 9th grade at the time, too young to realize that this sad outcome was probably inevitable, too naive to see the man slowly fall apart, even though I watched him huff and puff and barely make his way through his SNL hosting gig less than two months prior.  I did recall hearing Farley mentioned on Howard Stern one morning, as the King of Media remarked that if Farley didn’t get himself together he was going to end up in “John Candyland.”  Which was certainly alarming, but wasn’t actually a drastic enough statement, because it didn’t speak to Farley’s reckless drug problem.  I just thought it meant that Farley might be having one too many polish sausages, not that he was going to go on a 48-hour cocaine, heroin and booze bender (or maybe in the nascent Internet days of 1997 the media wasn’t the all-seeing, all judging eye that is now.  These days we watch Lindsey Lohan come apart at the seams before our eyes, descending further and further into oblivion, and if she never recovers it will be tragic, but no one will be surprised.  So maybe I was so shocked about Farley because at that time the media didn’t cover celebrity self-destruction like it covers the Super Bowl).

Regardless, Farley was gone, and gone far too soon.  At this time Tommy Boy was right up there with Wayne’s World, the movies that my friends and I watched over and over again, quoting endlessly.  Farley seemed full of limitless energy, and everyone who knows him will say that we only began to scratch the surface of his comedy and his humanity.  It’s been twelve years, but his death still feels fresh, and it still stings.  Cause as a 14-year old Farley seemed to me larger than life, and not just because of his enormous physical size, but because he could make me laugh with the flick of an eyebrow or the gentlest of laughs.

It’s no use wondering anymore what could have been.  The world has moved on and his SNL buddies found a new fat guy to star in their upcoming film,  a seemingly paint by numbers tale of a bunch of middle age camp friends who reunite after many years and who will no doubt bond over being past their prime.  Perhaps it’s better than we never saw Farley get to that point, get old, doing movies about how he used to be young.  But things will never be the same without him, and, in more ways than one, he left a hole that cannot be filled, not by a little coat, not by a big coat, not by any coat.

Farley at his best, childlike and charming, a whirlwind of destruction and determination.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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