Where’s my Guitar Hero 5???

Amazon, c’mon!  Where are you?  You’re usually right on top of these things.  When I ordered The State the DVDs arrived a day early. So when I plunked down my $60 three weeks ago for Guitar Hero 5 I naturally expected it to arrive on September 1st, the release date, if not before.  I considered ordering the title from GameStop, who guaranteed that it would arrive on September One.  But I went with Amazon, because they’ve been good to me in the past and I’m loyal.  They have all my debit card info on file, it just made more sense.  So you can imagine my frustration when September the first rolled around and the game did not arrive. Let down.

But late that night I did receive an email.  It had shipped!

Guitar Hero Has Shipped

So naturally the next morning, I check out the tracking #, and there’s no record of the shipment.  Okay, that happens, but it’s still probably going to come that day, right?  Wrong.  Wednesday came and went and still no tracking updates.  And here we are now, Thursday, and still:

Tracking #?

C’mon, Amazon!  Deliver!  I feel like you’ve lied to me.  By now I was planning on wasting my afternoon playing “Why Bother.”  Now I’m almost being productive.  Thanks a lot.


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