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Dick Wolf, You Were Warned

Dick Wolf, panda bears and paying by check.

Name three thin in danger of extinction.

In the infant stages of this blog I predicted that the Dick Wolfosphere was in danger, mostly because at the time NBC was favoring unfunny, middle of the road, inexpensive talk shows (see: Jay Leno Show, The) and exploitative, middle of the road, inexpensive reality shows (see: Biggest Loser, The).  Well, in the wake of Jay Leno’s failure (and after being rewarded for said failure with his old job) it then seemed that Wolf’s brand of populist pleasing, headline ripping, middle of the road yet relatively expensive gritty cop dramas would be safer than ever.

BUT, as you all probably know by now, that’s not the case, as NBC has pulled the plug on the original Law & Order (that’s a clever metaphor for how old Law & Order is).  Dick, I hate to say it, but I told you so (again).

Sure, they canceled L&O only to immediately greenlight Law & Order: Los Angeles, but I’ve still been proven right in my prognostication.

But what’s that you say?  TNT might strike a deal to air new episodes of the original?  Well, yes, we forecasted that too, back in last November when TNT saved Southland.  Flashback!

Of course, the big question is what does this all mean for Dick Wolf?  Well, TNT already airs syndicated episodes of the flagship Law & Order franchise, so perhaps Mr. Wolf will bring original episodes of the series here when NBC replaces his show with Dateline: To Catch a Biggest Loser.

Eerie, isn’t it?

Sorry, Dick, it’s not personal.  Trust me, I don’t take any pleasure in this.  My chances of landing an extra gig in New York City have just been reduced by half.  We’re all losers here (but you more so).

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In Defense Of: Jay Leno/How He Might Screw This All Up AKA More Thoughts on ‘Late Shift 2: Dave’s Revenge’

Do I want Jay Leno to have a show?  No.  I think his time has come and gone.  When Gallagher talks about late night comedians as the manifestation of mediocrity, Leno is the poster boy (which makes me think, wonder what Gallagher has to say about all of this).  But if Leno is known for anything, it’s being the nice guy, the non-threatening (save for the chin) host.  Yes, perhaps he shouldn’t have taken the Jay Leno Show gig, just moved on to washing his cars and dropping by his Comedy and Magic Club, and let Conan take over The Tonight Show without his predecessor breathing up his neck.  But, in the end, it was NBC who decided five years ago to lock in The Tonight Show transition.  In the last year they look guilty of committing knee jerk reactions, but in this particular case it seems their mistake was planning too far ahead, being too cautious in trying to plan the next phase of The Tonight Show.  Perhaps they were trying to avoid The Late Shift 2, and, instead, directly caused it.  But they didn’t have to try to keep Jay in the fold.  Ever the good NBC soldier, even with a few “good” years left in him, Leno wouldn’t have defected to another network.  But NBC got greedy, tried to have its Conan and eat it too.  Leno thought he was doing the right thing, and in his eyes, as someone who no doubt also idolized Johnny Carson, this was his chance to truly own his program, and move out form Carson’s shadow.  If he knew then what a disaster it would turn out to be, and the repercussions it would have, I don’t think he would have taken the gig.  He didn’t get where he is by ruffling feathers.

Which is why I almost feel bad for the guy as I watch him get bashed by Jimmy Kimmel and especially David Letterman.  Dave is clearly, and with good reason, still bitter over losing to The Tonight Show to Leno, and makes his animosity towards his former and (possibly) future rival abundantly clear, repeatedly referring to him as Jay “Big Jaw” Leno.

So while Letterman’s personal vendetta against Leno is certainly understandable, it doesn’t seem entirely fair to excoriate him the way Letterman does.  Certainly, Letterman, of all people, should understand the mistakes made by, in his words, “the geniuses in programming” (He also takes some unnecessary shots at Carson Daly, but, really, getting referenced by Letterman is the closest Daly is going to come to the 11:35 slot (piling on!)).

Much more: The case for Conan to CBS builds, Letterman as our FDR & why Leno could ruin all of this…


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NBC Admits Mistake, Pretends It Will Focus on Quality Programming

NBCU Television Entertainment Chairman Jeff Gaspin stated yesterday that, when referring to his network’s programming strategy, “The goal is not to manage for margins. It is to put the best possible programs we can on the air.”  AKA he was apologizing for Jay Leno, and the mess it created.  Of course he’s only sorry because the experiment failed.  However, it’s good to know that NBC will welcoming quality shows again.

Of course, what he really meant is that the goal is to “put the best possible programs we can on the air that will also net us the best ratings.”  They learned that it’s not just enough to make a profit, as the Jay Leno Show is sorta doing, but that you have to garner strong audiences as well.  Let’s not confuse this with a willingness to put brilliant programs before ratings.  If that were the case Freaks and Geeks would have run for seven years.  No, this just means that while we will see some new comedies and dramas we’ll also see more Biggest Losers. Cheap shows that also pull in big numbers.  For them, that’s the “best possible program” (and not sure I can say I blame them).

via The TV Column, Washington Post

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Dana Carvey, I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Dana Carvey on The Jay Leno Show attempting to break the record for most impressions in a minute.  Unfortunately, this brand of humor is a perfect match for Leno’s graveyard.  I wish I could get behind this, but it seems like Carvey is just doing impressions of his impressions, and most of which we’ve been seeing for decades.  Sadder still is that he has nothing to promote so he just plugged a hair salon instead (sadder still is I’m not sure if this was a joke or it’s actually where he gets his hair cut).  I still maintain that Carvey was one of the most talented SNL cast members of all time, but lately he hasn’t been doing much to prove it.  Still waiting for your comeback, Dana.  Still waiting.

See the video. And maybe Zooey Deschanel

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Hulu Doesn’t Trust Me? Or They Just Don’t Want Me to See ‘The Jay Leno Show?’

A few weeks ago it was pointed out that if you do a Google search for The Tonight Show the first result is, in fact, the new smash hit* The Jay Leno Show. A dig at Conan?  A dirty attempt to point viewers to the floundering 10pm program?  Part of Leno’s contract?  Google Conspiracy?  We’ll probably never know.

However, I recently noticed a few results that pointed to opposite motives.  If you type “hulu” and “jay leno” into your Firefox toolbar, as I often do to find videos of Leno humiliating himself on his new show, you’ll instead be brought to The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Hulu page.  Curious.  Even more, if you type Jay Leno into the Hulu search box the first show result is Leno’s Tonight Show, and his new venture is hidden beyond an adjacent tab.  Are they trying to keep us from seeing clips of the disastrous The Jay Leno Show, distracting us with his former, actually no more entertaining show?

Leno Hulu

Well, probably not, as NBC probably doesn’t care who watches the show or if it’s actually funny, just as long as its profitable.  And the truth is the top result is probably just related to search statistics, not to any conscious corrupt decisions.  But it’s fun to speculate that people have horrible intentions, right?  Right.

And how ’bout that David Letterman?  It wasn’t enough to just consistently beat The Tonight Show for the first time in years, he decided to up the ante by admitting to a sex scandal and then top a whole night of NBC programming.  Man, the dude is just killing it!

But it’s okay,  Conan has proven that while you can knock him down he’ll always get back up (just give him a weekend to recover).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*insofar as a “smash hit” could be defined as a show that is devoid of any legitimate entertainment value but pulls in enough viewers to make it more profitable than a Law & Order spin-off.

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Jay Leno Show No Longer Being Coy About Target Audience

We all know who really loves Jay Leno.  Old people.  And apparently his show knows it too and is not shy about it, packing last night’s audience with his target demo.

Jay Leno Fan Club

Front row too!

Okay, the women are actually from the preceding video bit about Senior Citizen Twitter lessons.  But still, I’m sure they’re big Leno fans.

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