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Angels and Demons: On the MTV ‘Real World’ Marathon

Real World Los Angeles Ahead of the premiere of the twenty-eighth (!) season of The Real World, set somewhat curiously in Portland, MTV has scheduled a weekend marathon of three “classic” seasons of the trailblazing reality show. Starting Friday night at 8pm MTV will air the first entry in the series, the groundbreaking Real World: New York, followed by the booze and sex soaked Las Vegas season Saturday at 2pm, and rounded out by the Puck and Pedro-fronted season three, Real World: San Francisco, beginning 8am Sunday. While we applaud the selection of NY and SF as 66.6% of the marathon, we cannot support the further promulgation of Las Vegas, especially at the expense of more worthy, important, less debaucherous seasons like Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, or even the underrated Miami.

Choosing New York to lead off the marathon is a no-brainer. It was not just the first season of the long-running series, it defined what the series would be. Like Richard Hatch on the maiden season of Survivor, The Real World: New York set the mold for what this show would be, and, in many ways, set the course for Reality TV for the next twenty years. It’s cultural relevance and impact cannot be understated. Likewise for San Francisco, which was even more captivating and controversial for its inclusion of Pedro, an HIV positive Cuban-American, and Puck, a bellicose bike messenger with questionable hygiene and even more questionable social skills. This season – with its portrayal of a gay man (living, not dying) with AIDS and the caustic, boorish punk who alienated his housemates to the point of eviction – truly launched the show, and as well as awareness of the deadly disease, into the public consciousness, establishing The Real World as an MTV institution and a cultural phenomenon with immense significance. Nearly ten years later, Las Vegas began to undo everything that San Francisco and its peers has established.

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Dick Wolf, You Were Warned

Dick Wolf, panda bears and paying by check.

Name three thin in danger of extinction.

In the infant stages of this blog I predicted that the Dick Wolfosphere was in danger, mostly because at the time NBC was favoring unfunny, middle of the road, inexpensive talk shows (see: Jay Leno Show, The) and exploitative, middle of the road, inexpensive reality shows (see: Biggest Loser, The).  Well, in the wake of Jay Leno’s failure (and after being rewarded for said failure with his old job) it then seemed that Wolf’s brand of populist pleasing, headline ripping, middle of the road yet relatively expensive gritty cop dramas would be safer than ever.

BUT, as you all probably know by now, that’s not the case, as NBC has pulled the plug on the original Law & Order (that’s a clever metaphor for how old Law & Order is).  Dick, I hate to say it, but I told you so (again).

Sure, they canceled L&O only to immediately greenlight Law & Order: Los Angeles, but I’ve still been proven right in my prognostication.

But what’s that you say?  TNT might strike a deal to air new episodes of the original?  Well, yes, we forecasted that too, back in last November when TNT saved Southland.  Flashback!

Of course, the big question is what does this all mean for Dick Wolf?  Well, TNT already airs syndicated episodes of the flagship Law & Order franchise, so perhaps Mr. Wolf will bring original episodes of the series here when NBC replaces his show with Dateline: To Catch a Biggest Loser.

Eerie, isn’t it?

Sorry, Dick, it’s not personal.  Trust me, I don’t take any pleasure in this.  My chances of landing an extra gig in New York City have just been reduced by half.  We’re all losers here (but you more so).

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