NBC Expanding ‘Biggest Loser’ Franchise, Does Not Appreciate the Irony

JillianOh, so that’s what NBC is going to do, it’s going to replace all Gritty Cop Dramas with The Biggest Loser and its spin-offs.  According to Variety, NBC will soon bring us Losing it with Jillian, in which Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels will move in with (overweight/unhealthy) families to “help change their diet and exercise habits.”  Apparently they are looking for families with children ages 9 and up, but although the children are a little young and they’re not overweight  I can think of one family that might benefit from a life coach.

How long until Biggest Loser entities takes over all of NBC Primetime (pre-Leno, of course)?  What other spin-offs could there be?  I’d say a Biggest LoserDancing with the Stars mash-up, but I guess Dance Your Ass Off already beat them to it.  Or they could just go the CSI/NCIS route and introduce The Biggest Loser: Houston.

Watch out Dick Wolf, you and your Law & Order franchise might have a new competitor breathing (heavily) down your neck.

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