Oh, Reege! You and Your Kidney Stone Stories!

Once upon a time when I had a job I’d tune into Live! with Regis and Kelly every morning while I got ready for my big day at the office.  I’d only get to catch the first ten minutes or so, but it was often the highlight of my day.  If there’s one part of Live! to take in it’s the first act banter.  Unfortunately, I had to stop watching because I was leaving the house later and later every day.

Lately my schedule is all over the place and I haven’t seen the show in months.  However, yesterday, just by sheer luck (as I got ready for a morning Wii Fit session) I turned on the TV and there were Regis and Kelly, two old friends, a sight for sore eyes.  And fate was smiling on me because they were just having their daily chat over coffee.  Basically you can turn into any episode around this time and hear Regis say something ridiculous, and this was no exception.  However, I think this particular show was a little special, as Reege regaled us with a decades old story of the time he had kidney stones.  What makes this even more amazing is that while Regis cannot remember who is co-host is, he does recall useless details like the name of his male nurse (Jose.  Okay, maybe he made that up).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He might screw up the name of every guest and point to his chest when referring to his kidneys, but Regis is still the King of Early Morning.

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