When God Closes a Guy Fieri Door He Opens a Guy Fieri Window

Last decade I wrote semi-extensively about Guy Fieri and his Food & Rock’n’Roll Road Show, an extreme food, drink and music extravaganza.  So imagine my excitement a couple months back when my brother called to tell me that he had tickets to that very show that very Thursday.  Oh the delight!  I’d finally get to see Guy Fieri live and “in concert.”  I mean, the guy had been stalking me, so it only seemed fitting that I should see him as he righteously rolled through Los Angeles.  So, then, imagine my disappointment when I found out my brother was actually calling to ask if I could babysit so he and his wife could attend the fiesta.  A dream deferred.

All wasn’t lost, however, because as a thank you my brother gave me his signed copy of More Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A Drop-top Culinary Cruise Through America’s Finest and Funkiest Joints (and, I guess, he really had no need for two signed copies of More Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A Drop-top Culinary Cruise Through America’s Finest and Funkiest Joints).  It wasn’t the same as seeing Fieri in person, the spotlight glistening off his backwards sunglasses and bleached spikes, but it was a nice token.  A little piece of Fieri to hold onto forever.  Yes, most certainly off da hook.

Guy Fieri!

And that’s not all.  They even captured video of the party, some of which I managed to hijack.  So if you were curious about that 25 gallon margarita machine, or wondering how literal Fieri’s song choice would be, your prayers have been answered:

But while an autographed (well, initialed) book and some Flipcam videos are nice, I still felt unfulfilled, my Tennessee BBQ’d Bologna tank empty.

That is, until tonight, when I have a chance for redemption.  As an enormous fan of The Next Food Network Star (truth) I jumped at the chance when I saw a posting for tickets to a NFNS Grammy After Party.  Free food, a opportunity to get the inside track on the next round of contestants, maybe even catch a glimpse of Bob “Tushy” Tuschman and Susie “I’m in a Wii Game” Fogelson?  I’m there.  But the cherry on top, the proof that there is a god, that there is some kind of order to the mechinations of this world, is that the party will be hosted by Mr. Extreme himself.  You can be sure that with Fieri at the helm, the event will be nothing short of killer.

I just hope he’s not creeped out when I ask him for a Screaming Gobbler.  First I will gobble, then I’ll scream.

Tune in tomorrow (or the next day. Or the following) for the full report.

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