NBC: Requiring Shots of Earth From Outer Space Since 1966

Doing our due diligence we’ve been watching the trailers for the new series picked up by the big four networks for their respective fall seasons.  Some have been promising, some dead on arrival, and others just somewhere in between.  But there was one – NBC’s new JJ Abrams sci-fi thriller Revolution – that particularly caught our eye.  However, it wasn’t the premise or the cast or the special effects that piqued our interest.  No, it was the last few seconds of the trailer, an insert of the title over a grand wide shot of earth from outer space that stuck with us.  We couldn’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen this before on NBC.  In fact, it appears that this is a well that NBC has been returning to for decades.  You hear a lot these days about how there are no new ideas, but this is a little excessive.

We’d suggest that there’s some kind of corporate conspiracy, or at least mandate, owing to NBC’s ties with Universal (the gold standard in spinning globes), but they didn’t merge under the same umbrella until 2004, so perhaps it is just a lack of imagination.

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