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‘Survivor: One World’ – Karma Right Back At Him

For the last few seasons we’ve become increasingly irritated by the presence of God, or, rather, some players’ insistence that he (or she!) has some influence on the game of Survivor, from Matt justifying his repeated exile to Redemption Island as part of Jesus’s plan to Brandon Hantz invoking the will of the Lord in his quest to purge Mikayla from the game (and maybe the Earth) because of her fictional harlot tendencies.  For one season we can deal with these bible thumpers, but as it became a consistent aspect of the game, it became grating, obnoxious even.  Sure, God may love Survivor, but as a true fan he would never get involved.   When it comes to Survivor, God is agnostic, and if he had a dog in the fight, it wouldn’t be someone from the God Squad, it would be a rough and tumble champion, like Sophie or Lt. Tom Westman.  But even if God had a rooting interest, we were sure that he (or she!) had no impact on the game, just like he has nothing to do with Tim Tebow (unless sending him to the Jets is God’s idea of a holy hilarious joke).  However, after this week’s Survivor: One World! we’ve changed our mind.  Because if that wasn’t divine intervention, if that wasn’t an instance of God reigning down vengeance from above, we don’t know what is.

Read on: What goes The Worst comes around…

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A Black Day

*substitute “football” for “baseball”

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Parting Shot: Final Blow

We have exorcised the demons.  This house…is clear.


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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Mr. Sunshine

Kudos to you out there who searched for “jimmy fallon ny magazine” because you came to the right place.  Because it’s only here at Jumped the Snark that  you’ll find the subscriber-only cover offering this uplifting image:

Isn’t that just what you need to get through the dog days of winter?

And it’s not like us to give you just one Jimmy Fallon-related item.  No, of course not.  Not when Fallon is still riding the hot streak he began in the fall of 2009.  It was another big show on Late Night last Friday, as friends Will Arnett and Horatio Sanz lent their talents to the truly delightful “Pro Bowl Shuffle,” just in time for NFL wild card weekend (notice how they didn’t predict any Jets players participating in the Pro Bowl.  Betting that they’ll be too busy with the Super Bowl, perhaps?).

And then Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, the proprietors of the Lower East Side’s The Meatball Shop, stopped by to cook up a few dishes and mix up a cocktail we’ll soon try ourselves (the “port-toddy”).  While they should leave the “ball” humor to the masters, it was nice to put a face on the balls we’ve been eating these past six months (see?  We can’t pull it off either), and we’re especially excited about the upcoming Williamsburg off-shoot of the shop (we’re coming for all your pork meatball smashes with classic tomato and mozzarella).  Spring can’t come soon enough!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See?  Things aren’t so bad after all.  Not when we have Jimmy Fallon and Late Night to keep our spirits high and the Meatball Shop to keep our bellies full.



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On the Last Day of the Year: The Best Show of 2010 and Nine Other Good Ones

Unbelievably, we’re about to enter our third calendar year in existence.  It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling to put together our best of the decade lists (which makes sense, because we didn’t actually post one of those until this week).  In 2011 we hope to be even more timely, on-point and just plain better.  Until then, let’s try to end 2010 on a high note with our not-at-all anticipated Best Shows of the Year:

1. Community: This was an absolute no-brainer.  Far and away Community was the most original, ambitious, rewarding, warm, funny, creative, fearless show of 2010.  It was just a little over a year ago when the show delivered its holiday episode, “Comparative Religion” (featuring mustachio’d Anthony Michael Hall), and we began to feel then that the show was truly building towards something special.  When Community returned in January of this year it began what should be considered one of the greatest runs of any comedy series in television history, playing “can you top that?” with itself from week to week.  Solid episodes like “Investigative Journalism” with Jack Black,  “Physical Education” with a nearly naked Joel McHale, and the truly superb Goodfellas tribute “Contemporary American Poultry” culminated in the single best episode of 2010 across the board, the paintball-splattered, action movie homage masterpiece “Modern Warfare” (we know that we’ve already proclaimed the greatness of this episode, but it’s worth doing over and over again).

Keep reading: More on why Community is the best show of 2010. And 9 other good ones…

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We Weigh In on the Alleged Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Videos

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(In case you missed it)

And if you were directed to this site after searching for “foot fetish,” we’re sorry to disappoint.  But you’re certainly welcome to look around and enjoy our many Muppet posts, which, now that we think about it, might still work for some of you.

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An Early Christmas Gift from Regis

Get your mind out of the gutter, Reege!

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