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Happy MLK Day!

Did you see SNL this past weekend?   It included a sketch starring Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah (more on both of those later).  Remember the last time two black guys had more than one line in a sketch?  Well, here it is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(we love how Horatio Sanz can’t even deliver three lines with a straight face.  Come back Horatio!  And bring the 80lbs you lost!)

By the way, what is up with Topher Grace?

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Mr. Sunshine

Kudos to you out there who searched for “jimmy fallon ny magazine” because you came to the right place.  Because it’s only here at Jumped the Snark that  you’ll find the subscriber-only cover offering this uplifting image:

Isn’t that just what you need to get through the dog days of winter?

And it’s not like us to give you just one Jimmy Fallon-related item.  No, of course not.  Not when Fallon is still riding the hot streak he began in the fall of 2009.  It was another big show on Late Night last Friday, as friends Will Arnett and Horatio Sanz lent their talents to the truly delightful “Pro Bowl Shuffle,” just in time for NFL wild card weekend (notice how they didn’t predict any Jets players participating in the Pro Bowl.  Betting that they’ll be too busy with the Super Bowl, perhaps?).

And then Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, the proprietors of the Lower East Side’s The Meatball Shop, stopped by to cook up a few dishes and mix up a cocktail we’ll soon try ourselves (the “port-toddy”).  While they should leave the “ball” humor to the masters, it was nice to put a face on the balls we’ve been eating these past six months (see?  We can’t pull it off either), and we’re especially excited about the upcoming Williamsburg off-shoot of the shop (we’re coming for all your pork meatball smashes with classic tomato and mozzarella).  Spring can’t come soon enough!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See?  Things aren’t so bad after all.  Not when we have Jimmy Fallon and Late Night to keep our spirits high and the Meatball Shop to keep our bellies full.



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(Belated) Top 10 ‘SNL’ of the Decade

It was an up and down decade for Saturday Night Live, but then again it’s been an up and down 34 years for Saturday Night Live.  The show started gangbusters in 2000, taking advantage of the 2000 election and perhaps becoming more relevant than it had at any point during the previous decade (media and communication majors and political scientists will be analyzing SNL‘s Gore-Bush debates for years to come, studying how the show interpreted the real events and how the sketches then in turn affected the election).   Then the show kind of treaded water until the 2004 election when it once again made the best of the political fodder, although with the relatively benign John Kerry as a central character the political satire was not as entertaining or as incisive as 2000.  But With a mostly new cast then the beginning of the decade the show returned to prominence in 2008, most notably mining the comedy goldmine that was the renegade Sarah Palin.  However, although SNL’s strongest seasons were during the election years, the best sketches were scattered throughout the aughts, with a fair share of political material, but also crazy characters, inventive monologues, traditional bits and the now ubiquitous Digital Shorts.  Here, in a particular but not necessarily meaningful order is a very subjective list of the top ten (and then some) Saturday Night Live sketches of the decade that was.*

1. Carpool

I wasn’t blogging when this Alec Baldwin episode aired in early 2006, but if I was I would have no doubt touted it as the best show in years, and I would have been in good company. It stood out as the most buzzworthy episode since the 2004 election, and its success was due in large part to Baldwin, who excelled in sketches like a new “The Tony Bennet Show,” “Platinum Lounge” (with Steve Martin) and a Valtrex commercial parody.  But the stand out sketch, for us, was “Carpool,” a duet with Kristen Wiig.  Sharing a ride to work seemed like a good idea, until each person continuously and unwittingly brings up a painful wound from the other’s past.  Simply, any sketch that can truly sell the line “Bobby McFerrin raped my grandmother,” deserves placement on a “best of” list.  It’s the best sketch in what might have been the best episode of the decade, and perhaps the premier episode among Baldwin’s 14 turns as host  (I guess because this sketch includes a brief cameo from a  Celine Dion tune it’s prohibited from being posted on Hulu.  Luckily, some random Russian site saved the day and has no such qualms about hosting a video that includes unlicensed music from the French-Canadian ice queen).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See the rest of the list. Did your favorites make it???…


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