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‘Survivor: One World:’ Player-By-Player Odds AND Celebrity Look-Alikes!

It’s finally here, folks!  Our much ballyhooed, frequently teased, oft-delayed player-by-player odds for Survivor: ONE WORLD!   And this time we’re sweetening the deal by including celebrity look-alikes.  Yes, these predictions are coming five episodes late, but that just gives us better insight and helps us provide you with more accurate, educated odds.  So let’s get to it, A-B-C style.

Alicia: If not for Colton, you’d probably take the crown as The Worst.  As it is though, the two worst seem to have allied with each other and found common ground in being The Worst.  She fashions herself as a villain, and a tough bitch, but she’s yet to truly display the physical or social skills that will get her to the end (she has, however, displayed far too much of her chest, sporting a variety of wildly ill fitting tops).  If she sticks with Colton, Team The Worst could actually, grossly, go far, that is if they don’t kill each other first.  Odds of winning: 30-1

  Read on for the rest!

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Hanks, Hanks, a Million Times Hanks

We only caught about 1/3 of the Golden Globes last night (which, judging from what we saw, might have been 1/6 too much), but we were fortunate enough to catch the requisite Tom Hanks appearance.  And, even if we had seen the whole show, we’re certain that Hanks’ minute and a half on-screen was the highlight, as he brought more energy and laughter in his 90 seconds than the whole show did in 6 hours (or whatever).  And he did it all without a Mel Gibson joke!  The guy is just good.  Really good.  And we love and appreciate him more every time.

Now if we could just get Peter Scolari up there with him next year.


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