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Parting Shot: Whiskey Down

To Evan Williams: We swallow your whiskey and our pride.  Cheers!

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‘Survivor: Redemption Island’: The Sweet Taste of Crabs (Director’s Cut)

So this week we entered the post-Russell Hantz era.  And for those of you who complained that Russell was a sneaky, nefarious player who only made it to the finals because he had no chance to win, and that his dominance was a product of editing, and that he was a bore and boorish, well, do you miss him now?  Because, say what you want about the guy, there’s no denying that he made things interesting.  Which is perhaps something you can’t say about last night’s Survivor

Keep reading: Phillips say the darndest things. Plus: Tetris! Rubix Cubes! A giant maze!

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There Needs to be an Award for This

Okay, well, we guess there is (not that Late Night will win an Emmy anytime soon), but they should create a special one for just Jimmy Fallon, an award for Excellence in the Field of Pop Culture Brilliance.  Because, once again, Late Night gives us something absolutely brilliant:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seriously.  It’s like we fell asleep on a plane one time and our minds were extracted by Jimmy Fallon and AD Miles and Higgins (now that’s a movie we’d watch!).  Can’t wait to see what other random pop culture phenomenon from our youth they tackle next.  Can we recommend Just the Ten of Us?

via Gawker.TV

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, From Uncle O’Grimacey!

If we show up in your list of Gchat contacts (which, we admit, is unlikely) you may have noticed that our icon (or avatar!) is a green, more Irish-looking, version of the McDonaldland character Grimace (who himself is the icon (or avatar!) for our personal website (which, we admit, is in dire need of a revamp).  That roly-poly green creature (also seen in our header above) is, of course, Uncle Grimacey, Grimace’s uncle (on his father’s side, obviously), who was trotted out by McDonald’s in the late 80s to promote their minty St. Patty’s-themed concoction, the Shamrock Shake.  So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and the Shamrock Shake (and the end of the March holiday blitz), we bring you Uncle O’Grimacey at the height of his fame:

And, yes, we got a Shamrock Shake today.  Duh.

We once spent no joke two hours going down the Wikipedia-YouTube rabbit hole reading about and then watching the classic McDonaldland characters (and then reading about and watching (and then reading about and watching (and so on (and so on)))), and we recommend you do the same.  Just start here and we’ll see you in the morning.

(and we think we just broke the record for most unnecessary parenthetical digressions in a 200-word post (congrats!)).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Not The Last Supper

A quick one tonight because we need to get to the Survivor: Redemption Island recap straight away.

Looks like some of you have gotten to our little site from using the term “last supper imagery.”  We’re assuming this contingent was a mix of bible scholars and Lost fanatics.  But our post tonight is going to address neither of those groups (and possibly offend the former).  Tonight, this one’s for people who like to dip their balls into things.

We like to think that Jesus would find this sketch pretty funny.  Because if you can’t laugh at one of your apostles betraying you and delivering you to crucifixion, then what can you laugh at?

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Last Week on ‘Top Chef: All-Stars’: Racist, Liar, Kitchen on Fire!

Two weeks ago on Top Chef they pulled the old bait and switch and you get a car and you get a car and you get a car and you’re all going to the Bahamas!  So last week it was off to the tropical islands to get cookin’.

But before they can get to the Quickfire, everyone is just blown away by Richard’s beard.

More: To what lengths will Antonia go to win? Sabotage?

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This Is Exactly the Kind of Thing They Should Have Featured on ‘SNL Backstage’

A few weeks ago we griped that the recent prime-time special Saturday Night Live Backstage was thoroughly underwhelming, in large part because it recycled previously seen interviews and failed to deliver any new insight into what goes on behind the scenes.  What kind of stuff you ask?  Stuff like this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wouldn’t had it been great if they talked about Galifianakis’ last hosting stint, when he shaved his beard late in the show, only to don a fake beard for the goodbyes?  Or just gave us an-depth look at your run-of-the-mill costume change.  How do they change clothes so quickly?  How do they adhere the wigs?  Do they get notes about the upcoming sketch?  Do they ever change the order of the sketches mid-show?  Wouldn’t have those all been fascinating parts of the show to learn about?  Instead we heard again what a genius Will Ferrell is (which he is, but still).

Or, take for example, the Titanic sketch that closed out Galifianakis’ show.  This sketch seemed to require an immense amount of tech and an elaborate middle-of-the-ocean set, especially for a two and a half-minute sketch at 12:55am (and, indeed, it seemed to suffer a misstep towards the end).  We would have loved to see the frantic scramble to get this kind of sketch safely to air (and to see the reaction when it doesn’t go off exactly as planned).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So hopefully they’ll heed our advice and showcase all of this in the eventual sequel, SNL: Behind the Comedy.

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: You’ve Got Jumped the Snark

The bulk of our daily search terms continue to be Survivor: Redemption Island related – Phillip, Survivor Phillip, Former Federal Agent Phillip, Kristina boobs – so we’re going to work with the odd man out in the group, “jumped the snark.”  And we’ve previously established that when our search term is “jumped the snark” it’s a wild-card day, we can post anything our little R2D2 Mr. Potato Head heart desires.  And our little R2D2 Mr. Potato Head once again desires to honor the work of Judd Apatow.

This past weekend brought us the long-awaited Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared reunions at Los Angeles’ Paley Center (which you can read much more about here).  It’s truly amazing to see these kids grown up, truly amazing that they’ve almost all gone on to successful careers as adults, and perhaps most truly amazing of all is that none of them have developed a serious drug problem (excluding an apparent affinity for the wacky tobaccky).  We frequently mention Freaks and Geeks on this blog, so we’re going to shine the spotlight on Undeclared this time around.

Here’s a clip from the series’ third episode, “Eric Visits,” which contains probably our favorite Undeclared exchange.  At about the 30 second mark please enjoy Seth Rogen’s thoughts on a certain Tom Hanks romantic comedy.

We feel the same way.

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Happy Pi Day!

The holidays just keep on coming.  Look at March, giving Late Decemeber-Early January a run for its money as the country’s premiere holiday season.  Nice work, March!

Cause today is Pi Day!  And, sure, we could take a few minutes to celebrate math.  But that’s silly.  Nope, here at Jumped the Snark Pi Day is always Pie Day.  And who loves pizza more than these guys?

(Well, we’d argue that we like pizza as much if not more than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but, unfortunately, no one has of yet made a supercut of us eating pizza at various times in various locations.  We know, hard to believe.  Also, we never liked how cheesy and undercooked the pizza looked in the movies.  It was fine for the cartoon, because everything is exaggerated in animation, but in real life pizza shouldn’t looked like it’s topped with Polly-O string cheese.)

Okay, FINE, here’s a pretty great math video.  IV hearts!

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Back to the Future Tonight!

As we set the clocks forward one hour.

And you know what that means: Time Travel!

(yes, we know this is about going back an hour, but it still counts.  Twice a year we’re going to post this video, no matter what.  You can take that to the bank).

[also, Pete & Pete are coming back to the present!]

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