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Parting Shot: Through the Looking Glass


So close you don’t even need to read lips.

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Happy 311 Day!

It’s a special 311 Day this year, as it’s 3.11.11, which is very 11. It only comes around once a century, so make sure you make it a good one!

And, boy, do we have a treat for you this 311 Day: A performance of “All Mixed Up” at Springfield, Missouri’s famed Shrine Mosque. 311 have finally hit the big time. Congrats, dudes!

And if you’re in the NYC area take a moment to call 311 and thank them for fielding your housing complaints and reports of disreputable cab drivers. We know they’ll appreciate it.

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‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ : The Dominoes Fall (Director’s Cut)

Imagine waking up in a beautiful seaside location, the crashing waves slowly lulling you out of your slumber, the faraway echoes of exotic birds gently coaxing you out of dreamland, a warm, refreshing breeze serving as nature’s alarm clock.  And then imagine waking up after nine hungry days in a hot, humid, bug-infested jungle and the first thing you see is Phillip’s nasty, tattered, ill-fitting, sun-faded red underwear.  Because that’s exactly the waking nightmare for the members of the Ometepe tribe as we begin this week’s Survivor: Redemption Island.  Any momentum they had after defeating Zapatera last week is immediately erased by the actual sight of Phillip’s junk escaping from his delicates, forcing the Survivor editing team to employ their best blurring skills.  But, to Phillip’s credit, he seems entirely comfortable just flapping in the wind.  And completely oblivious.  But since we’re watching this from the safety of our couch (and, thankfully, with the strategically placed blurs intact) we’re not complaining, because, besides Russell, Phillip is the most entertaining player on the show.

Simply put, it’s put up or shut up time for Russell.

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Speaking of Boobs: More Words We Never Wanted to Hear From Kathie Lee

And we thought this was creepy.

Well, with our 2nd breast-themed item of the night, we’re one step away from becoming full-fledged flesh peddlers.  Watch your back, all of the Internet’s soft-core porn websites!

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