‘Survivor: One World’: You Are the Weakest Link

Quick look back at last week’s Survivor: ONE WORLD! before the new episode airs in a few hours.

First, let’s get right to it, this week’s Who Wore It Best?: 

Lorenzo Llamas or Troyzan???

You decide!

It’s right into the reward challenge, where this week’s reward is, yet again, a trip to a remote tropical island complete with an island meal. So, once again, pretty much the status quo.  However, this time Kat gets pissed that always a bridal shop owner never a bride Kim wins the challenge and goes back on her word, taking Chelsea instead of Kat to the island feast.  Not fair, Kim!  Kat never gets to eat!

But maybe she was upset she didn’t get the helicopter ride.  We’re just upset that Probst wasn’t on it.

Wisely, Tarzan sees an opening to get into Kat’s head and since there was nothing there to begin with, he easily plants some doubts.  Is she just Kim and Chelsea’s pawn?  Well, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with that.  But that thought disturbs Kat, as she’s never been perceived as weak, mostly because she only attempts things she knows for certain she can succeed at (her words, not ours).

For the Immunity Challenge the producers once again return to the backyard, this time with Slip-and-Slide, which is pretty much an excuse to grease up Chelsea and Kim.  Which we mostly approve of, but we think they should have made one adjustment to really build up some excitement:

Troyzan knows that yet again his back up against the wall (and his stomach on a greasy tarp), but this time he’s unable to pull of the victory.  Knowing that Immunity is out of his grasp, and his days are numbered, he stares off wistfully into the water, much like Zack Morris after he said goodbye to Stacey Carosi.


Still, he makes a last-ditch effort to persuade Kat, and then Xtina, who may in fact be the dumbest of them all.  Seriously, Xtina, where are you even there?  You seem to have no clue what is going on, and, in fact, you have no clue what’s going on.

With Xtina’s obviousness and Tarzan’s complete stubbornness, Trozyan’s flame is extinguished, and Kim continues to run roughshod over this whole game.  It’s really and truly sad how poorly most of the Survivors are playing.


And, finally, with no time to spare, our A-B-C of the week:

Always Be Callow 

Kat, you’re 22-years-old.  Grow up.  And shut up.  Remember, one million dollars can buy lots of food.

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