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Season 3 Update: Guess Who’s Coming to Bayside

Midway through Saved by the Bell Season 3, and midway through the “Wicked Stepbrother” two-parter, we pause for a quick progress report.

The main thing we’ve learned so far is that we look TERRIBLE on a FlipCam.  Or possibly all the time.

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C’mon, That’s a Joke, Right?

Doris Day?  You can’t be serious, Doris Day.

Well, it’s better than naming your daughter “Rock Hudson.”

But we’re surprised Ms. Day appeared on The View, and not The [Pillow] Talk.

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Person of the (Last) Week: Tia Mowery

Who would have thought that January 2011, eleven years after Sister, Sister signed off the air, would hold the biggest week in Tia Mowery’s career?  But if you thumbed through last week’s Entertainment Weekly that’s just what it looks like, as Mowery is mentioned twice (twice!) within four pages. And a photo too!

It’s a little too soon to tell, but is 2011 the year of Tia Mowery?

Ball’s in your court, Tamera Mowery.

Or, perhaps, your move, Jackée.


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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Dynamic Duos

What a treat tonight!  Someone out there searched for “benry and fabio,” which means what you were really looking for was this:

But perhaps we were mistaken.  Perhaps what you were looking for was a shot of that famous scene from Lost when Benjamin Linus, aka Benry, and his fellow other Fabio turn the donkey wheel and are magically transported to Tunisia.  Well, don’t worry, because if that’s the case we got you covered too.

Jumped the Snark, your one stop shop for all things Benrys and Fabios.

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