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Gratuitious Search Term Bait of the Day: Toothbrush Has Come Back to You

A couple of months ago we had the search term “toothbrush the state video.”  Unfortunately, we were unable to come up with that sketch for you, and hung our heads in shame.  But guys asked for it again, and while we can’t provide the whole sketch for legal reasons (Viacom is particularly protective of their content), we can offer an excerpt from it.  Today redemption is spelled “J-u-m-p-e-d-t-h-e-s-n-a-r-k.”

And while we’re speaking of Michael Ian Black (well, by “speaking” we mean “uploading a video that stars”), we implore you to check out “Michael & Tom Eat Snacks,” the amazing new podcast in which Black and his Ed co-star Tom Cavanaugh eat, and discuss, snacks (well, one snack per episode).  Just another podcast we’ve recently fallen in love with (sounds like Mondays might have to be our podcast day).


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Valentine’s Day: Zack and Kelly’s European Vacation

Happy Valentine’s Day!  As usual, Jumped the Snark is going to live vicariously through Zack and Kelly, a love for the ages.  But even though Zack and Kelly eventually ended up together, we always felt that Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen were destined to emulate their on-screen love. If we couldn’t have Thiessen, then the next best thing, really the only other acceptable outcome, would have been Gosselaar winning her.  But, alas, they went their separate ways, and found love elsewhere.  But there was a brief window at the end of Saved by the Bell when they did date and for that brief time, at least, everything was perfect.

Somehow this YouTube user found photos from Gosselaar’s and Thiessen’s European vacation (we’re going to assume/hope it wasn’t by going through their personal photo albums), and the chemistry between the two is undeniable.  While this is a record of a romance that didn’t make it, it’s better to have loved and lost Tiffani Thiessen than to have never loved Tiffani Thiessen at all.

Some things can be too good, and we understand that now.

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