Happy 41st (+ 1 Day) Birthday to Sesame Street!

We rarely miss a story here at Jumped The Snark.  But we dropped the ball yesterday, neglecting to acknowledge yesterday’s milestone 41st anniversary of Sesame Street.  Our bad.

So in (belated) honor of the day (which, if we’re not mistaken, is the felt anniversary) here’s one of our favorite Sesame Street clips:

And here’s a pumpkin we carved in homage to Ernie (unfortunately, we neglected to purchase black fabric to create appropriate tuft of black hair):

And we think this is a great excuse to, once again, post The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years, which, looking back, is probably what cemented our love for The Muppets.  It provided the necessary Muppet history in the same way that Saturday Night Live: 15th Anniversary Special was a spectacular primer for our nascent 7 year-old brain.  We were probably the only kid who listed his two favorite videos as the Muppets 30th anniversary special and 1986 Mets: A Year to Remember.

Congrats, Sesame Street!  See you in a year for your 42nd (+ 1 day) birthday! (the glitter anniversary, if we recall correctly)

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