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Taylor Swift on ‘SNL’: ‘Kanye West is Not Here.’ No?? Not Even Mike Myers?!

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift returned to SNL this past weekend, this time as both host and musical guest, after appearing as just the latter on a Neil Patrick Harris hosted episode this past January (in which she also played Annie in the funny and topical Save Broadway sketch).  And, if you can possibly believe it, they only made one reference to the Kanye West incident, just a brief “Kanye West is not here,” at the end of Swift’s monologue (while we’re on the subject of Kanyegate, please, please, take this opportunity to view Justin Bieber’s defense of Swift on the VMAs.  If you’ve watched it before watch it again, and if you haven’t then you have my permission to watch it now and return here after).  To be honest, I was a little disappointed they didn’t mine the controversy.  Sure it would have been obvious, but that’s to be expected.  No Kanye cameo?  No Kanye impression (by Fred Armisen?)?  Not even Bobby Moynihan storming the stage to let Taylor Swift know that her monologue is good but Megan Fox’s was the best of all time (followed by Moynihan dropping the mic, of course)?  At the very least I expected an appearance from Mike Myers, himself the victim of a famed Kanyebomb.  Perhaps they could have all met backstage.

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But no, there were none of these things.  What we were given instead was a fairly decent episode with an average but enthusiastic host.

Jason Sudekis provides the best moment of the season thus far


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Dairy Burn (How ’30 Rock’ Taught Us That Stone Mountain & Long Island Are Not That Different)

(Forgive me for this somewhat belated post regarding the Halloween episode of 30 Rock.  I’m still catching up after our fall break.)

Liz Lemon SandwichDespite some recent blacklash from critics, and the fact that it has featured an overreliance on meta-humor, a drawn out debate over the “real America,” and maybe too many inside NYC jokes, the new season of 30 Rock has been as brilliant and hilarious as ever.  While I agree that the lack of real emotional attachment to the characters prevents the show from surpassing The Office as the best overall comedy (nay, show?) on television, 30 Rock is still a showcase for impossible sharp acting and writing, and probably offers the highest laugh per minute (lpm) ratio of any prime-time comedy.  However, this is yet another post for another day.  Today we’re not going to talk about the relationship between Liz and Jack, the disappearance of Rachel Dratch, the curious case of Lonny Ross or the parade of guest stars that has more than once elicited unfair comparisons to Will & Grace.  No, today we’re going to talk about Dairy Barn.

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