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Gratuitious Search Term Bait of the Day: Teenage Wasteland

We’re lucky enough to post one of our all-time favorite clips today, thanks to the popular search terms “miranda cosgrove and justin bieber.”  Those words have probably brought more teenage girls and middle age men to this site than any other.  They likely realized pretty quickly that this site really isn’t for them, but we were happy to have them nonetheless.

From the wayback machine, here’s a young Justin Bieber calling out at Kanye at the 2009 VMAs:

They look SO young!

(and now we just sit back and watch the page views roll in)

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Gratuitous Search Term Bait of the Day: Muppet Monster(s)

A relatively broad term today, simply: “muppets.”  It’s actually quite interesting, and encouraging, that someone ostensibly found our blog via the term “muppets.”  That must mean (we guess) that due to our vast library of Muppet-related posts we’re becoming one of the top results for that search.  Which is something to be proud of (right?  Please say yes).

Since the search term was so wide open we’re going to give you two clips today, that way everyone goes home happy.  First, we have this mash-up of the Muppets performing Kanye West’s “Monster,” which is all the rage today:

[sidebar:  Is the Muppet remix becoming something of a tired art?  How many times can we see some kind of Muppet mash-up until it feels derivative, devaluing both the Muppets and whatever work they are paired with?  Only time will tell.]

And, secondly, we’re happy to counter that “Monster” with the original Muppet Monsters, Little Muppet Monsters, the extremely short-lived series that was briefly paired with Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies in 1985.  Shelved after airing just three episodes, it remains when of the great Muppet oddities:

Well take the latter any day of the week.

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Taylor Swift on ‘SNL’: ‘Kanye West is Not Here.’ No?? Not Even Mike Myers?!

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift returned to SNL this past weekend, this time as both host and musical guest, after appearing as just the latter on a Neil Patrick Harris hosted episode this past January (in which she also played Annie in the funny and topical Save Broadway sketch).  And, if you can possibly believe it, they only made one reference to the Kanye West incident, just a brief “Kanye West is not here,” at the end of Swift’s monologue (while we’re on the subject of Kanyegate, please, please, take this opportunity to view Justin Bieber’s defense of Swift on the VMAs.  If you’ve watched it before watch it again, and if you haven’t then you have my permission to watch it now and return here after).  To be honest, I was a little disappointed they didn’t mine the controversy.  Sure it would have been obvious, but that’s to be expected.  No Kanye cameo?  No Kanye impression (by Fred Armisen?)?  Not even Bobby Moynihan storming the stage to let Taylor Swift know that her monologue is good but Megan Fox’s was the best of all time (followed by Moynihan dropping the mic, of course)?  At the very least I expected an appearance from Mike Myers, himself the victim of a famed Kanyebomb.  Perhaps they could have all met backstage.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But no, there were none of these things.  What we were given instead was a fairly decent episode with an average but enthusiastic host.

Jason Sudekis provides the best moment of the season thus far


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My Favorite VMA Moment: 15-Year Old Defends Taylor Swift, Starts Beef?

I returned home late last night after absorbing a brutal pub trivia loss, compounded (or alleviated) by the fact that the winning team included Thom Yorke.  Yes, that Thom Yorke.  I mean, I don’t see how we could have won when out of three categories one was a music round and we were competing against a team with Thom Yorke.  Yes, that Thom Yorke.  From Radiohead.  And another round centered on world geography, and everyone knows Americans have no concept of the world outside of the US (and not much within it).   And Thom Yorke has probably been to more countries than I can name.  So yeah, it was unfair.  Cause they had Thom Yorke.  You know.  Kid A.  OK Computer.  Hail to the Thief.  In Rainbows.  The Eraser.  Yes!  That Thom Yorke (not to be confused with Theodoric of York).

ANYWAY, I came among to find the blogosphere aflutter with talk of Kanye West and his villainous deeds.  I had remembered that the NFL started yesterday, but totally forgot about the VMAs.  But, apparently, by ripping the microphone from a frozen Taylor Swift, Kanye made the show relevant again.  After reading the litany of comments on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to turn on MTV to see if I could catch the replay.   Luckily I tuned in just in time to see Lada Gaga’s brilliant?/tramautizing/bloody/WTF? performance.

However, it was after the next commercial break when my favorite moment arrived.  Coming out to introduce Taylor Swift’s defiant musical performance were Miranda Cosgrove and a previously unknown to me adolescent Canadian singer named Justin Bieber (Dylan and/or Cole Sprouse must have been busy).  What I didn’t know was that Bieber, with the sleeves of his Members Only jacket pushed up past his elbows, was about to defend the honor of Miss Swift:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Got to give the kid credit, he demonstrated some courage, calling out Kanye like that.  I just fear that this will start a beef, and it’s only a matter of time before Kanye strikes back in rap form, backed by fellow stage crasher Lil’ Mama (then again, maybe they’ll bond over the way they both like to wear their circa 1980s jackets).  Something tells me that young Master Bieber is hoping his chivalry will pay off with a kiss from the damsel in distress.  Or at least an opening slot on her sold out next tour. 

And then Swift, still no doubt trying to figure out what the hell happened earlier in the show,  belted out her VMA winning song in an F line subway car.  After riding that train to and from Manhattan for 3 years I can tell you that never happens.  To be honest, it was kind of a cool performance, but you just know there was some guy at the 57th Street Station wondering where the F was the F train.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh, and Lady Gaga and Kermit the Frog on the red carpet.  I honestly don’t know what to make of this.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh, I guess the joke is “Who is more fake?”

I’ll let you decide.


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