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More Crocs on Top Chef! But Still Way Behind Tattoos for Most Common Cheftestant Accessory

Months ago I lamented the departure of Top Chef Cheftestant and Hati survivor Ron Duprat, he of the red Crocs.  We were going to miss his jolly laugh, his trouble understanding the meaning of words like “vice” and “deconstructed,” and his revolting cocktails.  But most of all we were going to miss his plastic footwear, the fire truck red slip-ons that made him stand out from the rest.

It was then, with great pleasure, that I realized it appears that perennial challenge finalist and lover of all things pork Kevin Gillespie has been sporting his own pair of Crocs this whole time, albeit a much a less fashionable black set.  Looking back, it was very hard to pick this up, as they just as easily could have been confused for a pair of black boots.  But if you know what you’re looking for then you can (sorta) make out the Crocs, like in this picture from the Penn & Teller episode.

Kevin Gillespie

More photos of Crocs!

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Will the Real Andy Bernard Please Stand Up?

In our thoughts on The Office last week we posited that the Andy Bernard we currently know and love, the “‘nard dog,” is drastically different from the Andy we first met when Jim transferred to Stamford.  Then he was more of a pompous douche, and now he leans more towards well-meaning dork.  Once he returned from his anger management training at the end of season 3 he was a understandably a changed man, but it’s sometimes hard to believe that the dandy, over-polite Andy Bernard we know now is the same person who put his fist through a wall in a fit of rage.  However, in a deleted scene from last week’s “Double Date” Andy does acknowledge his past temper problems, which helps soothe our unease over the character’s evolution.

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We also spoke last week about the equally drastic shift in the character of Ryan, and indeed this is demonstrated by his new threads, as discussed in today’s Office recap.


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Sesame Street Socialism

Normally I will not stand for any kind of besmirching of the Muppet or Sesame Street legacy.  They’ve done far too much good and earned too much respect to be the target of an easy joke (I feel the same way about Billy Joel, incidentally another big influence during my youth).  However, with the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street upon us, they had some fun with our (apparently left-wing) furry friends on The Colbert Report.  Of course, their in-depth knowledge of the show and its characters shows true admiration and reverence, and clearly only devoted fans would be able to develop an argument for Grover as a proponent of same-sex marriage (however, I think the jury is still out on Bert & Ernie.  Just because they lived together, sleeping in the same room all these years doesn’t mean they’re gay.  I mean, do you know how much it costs to rent on Sesame Street?  It’s pure economics.  Also, Kip and Henry shared a room and no one said they were gay.  And they were cross-dressers to boot).

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And while we’re talking about Sesame Street, check out our friend Kieran Walsh’s thoughts on 40 years of Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the gang.

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‘Threat Level Midnight 2: Savannah Nights’ (Thoughts on “Murder”)

Mexican StandoffAt this point, midway through its sixth season, it seems that with every episode of The Office we are taking the temperature of the series, gauging if it’s on the decline, on the way back up, or holding steady.  It’s unfair, and ultimately a disservice to the show and the viewer.  However, it’s the truth, and it’s going to continue, especially because this is a show that has exceeded expectations and reached rare levels of brilliance but has also always seemed to be walking a tightrope.  Can the show continue once Pam and Jim get together?  Will it lose it’s direction after Pam and Jim get married? Will the magic chemistry between the ensemble cast run out? Or will the writers no longer be able to supply interesting but plausible office-related storylines?  Even though the show has been so consistently damn good, there’s still this pervading feeling that all the inventive writing and superior acting could disappear one week, never to return.  While we have not actually been faced with this reality, we learned last night that the employees of Dunder Mifflin are very much in this predicament, as it seems all but certain that the company will file for bankruptcy.  While we have been fearing a sudden, painful demise of The Office, the characters are now fearful of a sudden, painful demise of their office.  It’s a new storyline that hopefully, while putting the employees on the chopping block, allows the show to continue to flourish.

Which is not to say that last night’s outing, “Murder,” was a real step towards silencing doubters.

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